Revenge sequel in the pipeline

A sequel to hit melodrama Revenge is in the pipeline.

The new project hails from Revenge creator Mike Kelley and original series writer Joe Fazzio.

It is said to follow a young Latino immigrant who is guided by an original series character as she arrives in Malibu, to exact revenge on a pharmaceutical dynasty, whose insatiable greed lead to the murder of her biochemist mother, the destruction of her family, and a global epidemic. That’s a mouthful…

Revenge ran for four seasons from 2011, starring Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe to considerable success.

It screened in Australia on Seven.

Source: Variety


  1. I very much doubt Emily will come back, she’s too busy making movies.

    The obvious choice will be Nolan. But since it’s a sequel and will have nothing to do with the original show, it won’t do well.

  2. Interesting that they are now rebooting shows from this decade, but i guess next year it will be the next decade. Also interesting that many soap reboots seem to have added a Latin flavour. It happened with Dallas, Dynasty and now Revenge.

  3. This could be good, although I note the Grand Hotel with a strong Latino flavour did not rate well here or in the US. I still have the whole 13 eps on my PVR if I have nothing for summer. True that Revenge was a must watch drama on free-to-air and 500k is the norm now….

  4. Optimism is eternal in Hollywood especially when it comes to making successful melodrama shows, plainly Mike Kelley needs to fast track his former success and Revenge II is the sort of option you would expect from a studio committee of television producers looking for something to sell. The original Revenge (soap opera) used up all it’s limited plot and had nothing left to tell in the end, I’m not sure a revival will bring fans anything much different but those who were devoted to the original show will tune in for sure.

  5. My favourite TV series in recent times…at least season 1. After world-beating ratings they clearly had to rethink what to do in season 2 to string it out as long as possible and it turned into increasingly convoluted garbage. Hopefully they’ll learn from that mistake and keep this new one tightly focused on what made the original so great… the perfect good-girl who really is a cold-hearted machiavellian intent on destructive revenge against bad guys who also have the veneer of being good people.

  6. Revenge was probably one of the last dramas to reach 1+million viewers every week! Now dramas are lucky to reach 500K. How times have changed…

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