Ryan Murphy on the future of Feud, American Horror Story & American Crime Story

Whatever happened to Ryan Murphy's plans for Hurricane Katrina & Charles & Diana dramas....?

Producer Ryan Murphy recently gave some answers to questions around his massive production slate, including show we haven’t heard about for some time: Feud, American Horror Story & American Crime Story (specifically that one around Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans).

Speaking with Deadline he was asked:

Is Feud completely dormant? I know you had kicked around the Prince Charles and Diane storyline. Is that still in development?

RM: I’m not working on any of that right now. My deal is with Netflix. That’s not to say that years down the line that I couldn’t’ redo it or renew if I had a great idea. I think everyone is open to that but I’m working on so many other things.

Do you think we’ll ever get to see American Crime Story: Katrina? Or is that still very dormant?

RM: I don’t. We worked on that for like a year. The great thing about American Crime Story is that we only do it if it’s great. And the reason why Impeachment happened is because a great writer, Sarah Burgess, knocked the first script out of the park. That one [Katrina] was a difficult story to crack and it was very complex. Never say never, but I think we’ve all moved on from that. We have four or five things in development for American Crime Story, but that is not one of them.

We’re working on an idea for season 10 that I think people will love because it’s about reuniting fan-favorite actors to come back — because it might be our last season. It’s the last season we have contracted. So, I’ve been quietly reaching out to various people. Some people I haven’t reached out to yet because I was like ‘Do I have a role for them?’ So far, everybody I reached out to said ‘Yes’, so that’s been great.

So, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters — will they be back?

RM: Too soon to tell, but I’ll just sort of say, the people who helped build this show into what it is, who believed in it from the beginning, have been contacted and are interested. So if you look at the iconography of the first three seasons, you can figure who I’ve gone to and who might be coming back. I’m always surprised, it’s such a hard show to do.

You can read more at Deadline

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