SBS on Demand: The Red Shadows, Call Me Bruna.

French mystery The Red Shadows premieres today at SBS on Demand.

This series premiered internationally in March.

All six episodes available to stream. In French with English subtitles.

Clara Garnier (Manon Azem) is kidnapped in 1993. Her abductors demand a very high ransom in exchange for her release. But the day of the exchange ends in a bloodbath – Clara’s mother is killed and the child vanishes. The case goes cold, leaving Clara’s surviving family traumatised. Twenty-five years later, Clara’s older sister, Aurore (Nadia Farès), is now a police officer investigating a murder. She uncovers clues that indicate her sister may still be alive, but living under a false identity in Italy.
Family secrets tangle with a cold case as Aurore struggles to unravel the lies she has lived since childhood.

Thursday, 7 November 2019 on SBS On Demand

Meanwhile Brazilian drama Call Me Bruna returns on Friday.

In Portuguese with English subtitles. All eight episodes available to stream.

Call Me Bruna, the hit drama based on the true story of ‘Bruna Surfistinha’ the middle class girl who became the most famous prostitute in São Paulo, returns for a third enthralling season. After going through the hardest time of her life, Bruna (Maria Bopp) returns stronger and convinced that a life of prostitution can help her take charge of her destiny. She loves sex and money – what other job can provide her with this never-ending pleasure? However, despite now being the most famous call girl in Brazil, with wealthy clients who support her lavish new lifestyle, things are far from plain sailing for Bruna. When a former classmate turned journalist gets in touch, her past comes back to haunt her once again.

Friday, 8 November on SBS On Demand

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