Tess & Luke win The Block 2019

Cairns couple Tess and Luke have won The Block, walking away with $730,000.

A multi-million dollar auction of the former Oslo backpackers hostel saw them profit $630,000 and pocket another $100,000 as the biggest sale.

All 5 properties had a reserve of $2,990,000.

Tess & Luke $3.620 million ($630,000 profit)
El’ise & Matt $3.450 million $460,000 profit)
Andy & Deb $3.420 million ($430,000 profit)
Jesse and Mel $3.378 million ($388,000 profit)
Mitch & Mark: $3.374 million ($384,000 profit)

It was the highest amount since 2016’s auction in Port Melbourne, and the biggest TV winnings in a very long time.

But the win by Tess and Luke also contrasted their recent ‘rogue’ interview in which they slammed producers and accused the show of “lying.”

“We thought this was going to be an amazing, positive experience in our life, but we wish we never went on this bloody thing. We got bullied the whole way through (filming) the show, and now we feel like they’re bullying us on the show as well,” Luke said last month.

“We just want this over and done with. It’s really sad that we feel like we have to explain ourselves to people who have no idea who we really are. They’re judging us based on a show that is completely full of shit,” Tess also said.

Yesterday with a cool $730,000 to take home, they had done a U-turn on Nine.

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to be on The BlockDespite the rocky road it has been life-changing, and we have grown stronger together as a couple,” Tess and Luke now said.

“This win allows us to get started on a life together we could have only dreamed of before.”

As Scott Cam told viewers, “They love The Block now.”


  1. Having been to the open house day, the winning team was probably the least quality work of the lot. I certainly wouldn’t be paying $3 million plus for any of them.

    • Agree ! Thought some of the other apartments were much nicer. The self contained accomodation in theirs most likely won it for them.
      Congrats to them – that’s a huge amount to win. But all the whingeing and sniping at the show has been pretty petty.
      Would have loved to see Deb and Andy win – lovely couple and their apartment was elegant and beautifully finished.

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