The Living Room: Nov 8

This week on The Living Room Chris Brown heads to South Australia in search of unicorns (spoiler: I don’t think he will find any), Amanda Keller and Miguel Maestre create the ultimate Pavlova.

Rnovation rescue with Barry du Bois: Bathroom
Melinda and Tim’s bathroom is stuck in a time warp. Can Barry create a functional and stylish bathroom for the couple and their three young kids, that won’t break the budget? He’ll need to think outside the tub to pull it off!

Travel with Chris Brown: Unicorn Sheep
Dr Chris Brown heads to South Australia in search of unicorns. Local farmer Michael Foster has a sheep called Joey, who has a horn growing out the top of his head. Part detective, part vet, Chris heads out to discover what could be causing the horn. Is Joey in Pain? Is he in fact a real unicorn?

Food with Miguel Maestre & Amanda Keller: Pavlova
Amanda enlists Miguel to show her how to create the ultimate pavlova, guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

DIY with Kyal & Kara: Hanging Day Bed
Kyal and Kara have the perfect DIY project for anyone looking to put a little more summer into their home – a hanging day bed.

7:30pm Friday on 10.

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