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Director Gary Conway, who directed nearly 800 episodes of Neighbours, has died.

Prolific director Gary Conway, who directed nearly 800 episodes of Neighbours, has died aged 73.

Conway directed Australian drama for almost 50 years with early work on Matlock, Division 4, Ryan, Homicide, The Box, Bluey, Skyways, Sara Dane, Cop Shop, Bellamy, Prisoner, A Country Practice and Five Mile Creek. Other credits included The Flying Doctors, Bony, Blue Heelers, Snowy River: The McGregor Saga and Fire.

According to IMDb he directed 786 episodes of Neighbours from 1988 – 2019. He was working until his final year and never losing his passion, never calling a scene completed until he was truly satisfied.

Executive Producer Jason Herbison said, “Gary was a beloved member of the Neighbours family and a legend of the local industry. Proudly old-school, he honed his craft in the golden era of Crawfords and Grundys, and we all loved to hear his stories about days gone by. He was never more home than on set and retirement was never in his script. There is so much to remember, not least his laughter. He did it his way and he gave it all to the end.”

Stefan Dennis said: “I’ve knew and worked with Gary for over 40 years, on Neighbours and other shows he directed. Over that time I learnt to trust his direction implicitly because I saw how passionate he was about his work, particularly on Neighbours. The end result of whatever he filmed was testament to that. Gags will be sadly missed and I can guarantee the industry will speak fondly of him and his stories for decades.”

Jackie Woodburne said: “I had the privilege of working with Gary Conway over the last 25 years on Neighbours. He brought with him decades of experience from so many iconic Australian TV shows. Gary was ‘old school’ and believed the most important part of our storytelling, was the imperative that the audience care about the characters. He was demanding and particular and specific in his work, challenging us all to elevate every moment. No-one created a loose five shot like Gary Conway! I’ll miss him terribly.”

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