10 hints at next jungle cast

Since Cup Day 10 has been busy drip-feeding hints on its next cast for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Living Room‘s Miguel Maestre is already confirmed to compete.

Here are the latest batch of clues, with more to come.

Footy Legend
A footy legend will put their competitive spirit to the test in the highly-anticipated new season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!. The powers that be aren’t returning my calls, but what we do know is that this Aussie larrikin is one of the biggest characters the game has seen. With a squad of celebrities playing hard ball for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle, will this athlete manage to maintain their team player mentality? The siren may have sounded on his final game of footy, but is this king of the field match-fit for the jungle?

Leading Lady
From the television screen to campfire beans, a leading lady is making her way into the South African jungle for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!. How will this screen siren fair trading in her air-conditioned trailer for the stuffy confessional of the Tok Tokkie? A familiar face to Australian households, this Order Of Australia recipient knows how to put on a show. Stepping away from the spotlight and into the unpredictable South African terrain will be a world away from what this celebrity is used to. Break a leg (actually, please don’t!).

Television Megastar
From the headlines to the jungle vines, a television megastar will ruffle jungle feathers on the highly-anticipated new season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!. The big bosses upstairs are keeping tight-lipped, but what we do know is this international party animal likes to prove her critics wrong. She might be a hit with the tabloids, but how will she rate with her campmates? From click-bait to lion bait, we are waiting with baited breath to find out who’s who in the zoo.

Blonde Bombshell
From instagram likes to insect bites, a blonde bombshell is making her way downtown, walking fast, faces pass… oh sorry, we got side-tracked. What we meant to say is that a blonde bombshell is making her way into the South African jungle for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!. Stripped of all her luxuries and dropped into the South African jungle, how will this reality television beauty cope swapping high fashion for high challenges? You last saw her in a tropical paradise… but this diva Dorothy is a long way from Kansas.

From set lists to snake pits, a famous DJ is making their way into the South African jungle for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!. And thank goodness they’re going. Our sleep-deprived, hungry and homesick celebrities are really going to need a boost of energy if they’re to survive on jungle grub and rice rations. This headliner may be used to life in the limelight, but how will they handle life by the campfire?


  1. These big stars are bound to wind up not being very big at all like all the other years – so Rhonda Burchmore makes sense because she’s not very big as a star. I just hope none of them are KAK as Im not going to watch unless they have an indigenous person in there to get under her skin and send her on every vile task to do.

  2. carolemorrissey

    In previous years their idea of a ‘mega star’ has been different to ours so it could be anyone. The ‘blonde bombshell’ from a tropical paradise could be someone from the Bachelor or Love Island. Is the DJ a radio DJ? It could be Rove. He’s worked in radio. He’s a comedian who makes people laugh & has won Logies. Footballer could be Warwick Capper. He wasn’t the masked singer maybe he’s in this.

  3. Dj – I’m thinking Car Cox possibly, he has a quiet time in Australia over summer, has no immediate tours going on from what I can see and was recently named dropped by the UK I’m a Celebrity cast…

  4. Could the blonde bombshell be Lucy Durack…she was most recently on AGT (reality television), maybe the Dorothy and Kansas reference is to do with Wicked? Although I don’t know how the “You last saw her in a tropical paradise” fits in…that seems to reference Sophie Monk (also the reality television bit)….has she been let go by 9 with the demise of Love Island?

  5. Football Legend: Warwick Capper/Jason Akermanis
    Leading Lady: Rhonda Burchmore
    Television Megastar: Lindsay Lohan
    Blonde Bombshell: I’m actually unsure on this one, someone will high standards. Real Housewife star?
    DJ: Will Sparks

    • When did Will Sparks last win a logie or have ties to comedy? The DJ one has me stumped and it’s annoying me. I thought it could be Example, lives in Australia and did some stand up. But no logie. ?

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

      If not one of those AFL guys then could be Mark Jacko Jackson, from the VFL/AFL to the song I’m an Individual to the Energizer Bunny and Nutrigrain ads to US TV show The Highwayman, even had an action figure done of him (Oi! Jacko Gym).

  6. I was thinking Jason Akermanis for the Footy Legend… maybe I read too much into the “king” comment (but Lion’s are kings of the jungle and he played for Brisbane…)
    Could the DJ be Havana Brown?
    Leading lady could be Noni Hazelhurst (she’s an order of Australia recipient too)… but would she sink this low?

      • My first thought was Claudia Karvan, but she is not an Order of Australia recipient.

        Rhonda Burchmore is an enormous stretch. She hardly has any TV acting credits to her name. Perhaps if they had mentioned that she was a theatre star rather than a television star, I could see where you’re coming from.

        My guess is Deborah Mailman. She was the “leading lady” of Redfern Now and Total Control, and is an Order of Australia recipient, though I’m a little surprised that in-demand talent such as her would agree to something like this.

          • The press release describes them as a “screen siren” and mentions television specifically. Nothing about theatre/musicals. Though Deborah Mailman did star as a singer in The Sapphires.

          • She was nominated for a Helpmann Award for The Sapphires in 2005, although not a musical as such, it would cover the four categories “singing, stage, break a leg and leading lady”.

  7. It actually looks like a pretty good camp this year…hopefully 10 have been able to score some great stars and it will hopefully be even better with the return of the six week season (as opposed to only four).

  8. I’m saying Paris Hilton.. She has seen what Lindsay can make from channel 10 and wants in on the action. Remember This!!
    If not Paris, totally Lindsay lol

    • They wouldn’t spruik Lindsay Lohan as a “television megastar”. She is better known for her movies (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday etc.). In the extremely unlikely chance that she does appear on the show (I doubt she would be *that* desperate for cash), they would want to sell her as a “Hollywood Superstar” instead.

      Considering the laughable hyperbole PR used for a nobody like Tom Arnold, they would want to *really* ramp up the hyperbole for the likes of Lindsay Lohan, though I doubt that they would pay her enough to eat bugs/offal and be bathed in animal guts for a month.

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