10 News First extra improves 6pm numbers for 10

In summer non-ratings there were a few early tests in the schedule yesterday. Here's how they fared.

First numbers for an extended 10 News First have improved the network’s slice of 6pm figures, but it’s still early days.

While 10 News First drew 354,000 metro viewers across is first hour, the 6 -6:30 extension averaged 252,000.

That’s an improvement on last Monday’s 199,000, and up on the show’s daily average which is lower still.

But there are other factors to take into account, including a curiosity factor as to how it might change (it even included an update on what’s making news at 10 Daily) plus the fact that some rival anchors had switched to holiday mode and left their chairs.

Reports of a “national” bulletin at 6pm also proved false with longer local bulletins across the board.

Over in Perth & Adelaide, Seven’s predictions it could still win at 6:30 without Today Tonight proved true at 143,000 / 107,000 respectively.

Compared to last Monday it was down in Perth (156,000) but up in Adelaide (91,000).

Meanwhile UK game show Tipping Point made is first entry into Nine’s arvo schedule. At 3pm it debuted with 88,000, lower than the usual Nine News Now. Judge Judy in the same slot was 103,000, while Seven was in Cricket mode.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 2 December 2019

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  1. Once you get to a 90 minute slot you’re looking at more of a breakfast show model where you expect the audience to change throughout the runtime and therefore those watching at 6pm may not be the same as those watching at 5pm.

    Makes you wonder though if they can do 90 minutes of local news at 5pm could 90 minutes of local news run at 7am in more of a breakfast show format as a local alternative to the national breakfast shows. It would take some investment for sure, but could be worth it and be a real point of difference. Certainly be worth trialing in Perth.

  2. Really hope this news experiment works out for them & it becomes permanent. Even if ratings aren’t too great, they should keep it to build awareness & credibility of 10 News (although let’s be honest, anything will be an improvement on Celeb Name Game). Wouldn’t Peach be a better channel for Celeb Name Game instead of Bold?

  3. Ok…I am watching 10News….I do not watch every night…I am still here after 6….they had fire stories around that time…I have it on 2nd screen so I did not even notice the time…
    I will leave it here and watch The Project also….Maybe not such a silly idea after all❣…

  4. Would recommend airing new episodes of Celebrity Name Game at 4.30pm then 10 News First at 5.00 – 6.30pm and have more current affairs, entertainment news and global news at 6-6.30 as a point of difference between Nine and Seven News.

  5. So happy to hear they are local state editions for the 6pm onwards. I can’t see them on tenplay, but I’m keen to know if there was any point of difference or just BAU continuing on from the first hour? I’ll watch tonight. I’m really hoping Ten go down the slightly different path…

  6. My partner and I were discussing that Ch10 could break the news into 3 key segments:
    5:00pm Local News, and sport and a weather update
    5:30pm National News and Sport
    6:00pm International news
    This would make a point of difference. I realise breaking news may disrupt this cycle but worth considering…..

  7. I notice that The Project was slightly up on last Monday for 7pm (453,000 to 485,000). So wondering David if The Project improved on the 6:30pm slot of 251,000 from last week with the News lead-in (albeit 252,000 similar to TP’s 6:30pm figures), if that is at all possible please (not in the main figures).

    On another note if 10 decide to take the News back to 1 hour next year when ratings start up proper again, it would be a good chance to make it from 5:30pm – 6:30pm and then move the 2:30pm Neighbours “encore’ to 5pm after The Bold and the Beautiful.

  8. And a seamless prerecorded throw by Sandra S to WIN Local News for full WIN bulletin markets at 6 or thereabouts. Wasn’t TEN the first network to go to a one-hour news when 7 & 9 were still half an hour at 6:30?

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