Airdate: Australia Calling: 80 Years of ABC Abroad

ABC will air a TV special which looks back on the broadcaster’s role in the region.

Australia Calling: 80 Years of ABC Abroad screens at 9:20pm Monday December 16 on ABC.

On Dec 20, 1939 PM Robert Menzies announced Australia’s first international broadcast service.

From radio, to TV, digital, mobile, social and streaming we have taken an Australian voice to the Asia Pacific and the world.


    • With streaming available via tablets, iPhones, etc., with a dedicated ABC NewsRadio service, and other means, paying for the Olympics for ABC radio seems a waste of $1M that could be directed to Olympics coverage elsewhere. One of the arguments put forward by ABC is that the Games product is available elsewhere, such as the Seven Network, pay TV and commercial radio. Seems Seven would not lower their $1M asking price.

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