Airdate: Australia with Julia Bradbury

Made for the Brits, this one may feel a little odd being served back up to us….

UK travel host Julia Bradbury presents Australia with Julia Bradbury next week on SBS. She appears to travel through all states except Tassie, plus NT.

This is an 8 part series which screened in the UK in February.

Travelling from the heart of Australia’s red desert to the edge of the continent, Julia Bradbury discovers bustling cities and historic outback towns, hardworking cattle stations, and idyllic sandy beaches.

Series One, Episode One: Sydney
Julia explores historic Cockatoo Island, where the first convicts landed in Sydney harbour. Now it is a popular glamping destination. Julia escapes the island to join an early morning commute to work –
Sydney style – by boat. At Bondi Beach, she joins the forty-strong life guard team on beach patrol. The
only female member of the team, Julia Bahr-Thompson, shares her stories of dramatic rescues. Then it’s
time to explore the city’s edgy side in Surry Hills where tattooist to the stars, Rhys Gordon, explains
Australia’s unique tattoo history.

Thursday, 12 December at 7.30pm on SBS.


  1. Julia Bradbury is a fabulous presenter but the show (which I have seen) just also screams very much a massive tourist ad. The episode in Alice Springs is wonderful and covers a lot

    • >> also screams very much a massive tourist ad

      I’d argue that ever travel show is an advertisement for the destination – on a scale of 1 to 10 perhaps – but an ad nonetheless.

      In this instant, It might be worth noting that Tourism Australia hosted a preview of this series at the grand Exhibition Hall in The Australian High Commission, London. And that Julia Bradbury was also welcomed to the ‘Friends of Australia’ programme by High Commissioner George Brandis.

      Add the fact that Qantas are hosting the entire series on their website:

      One needs to pay attention to the credits, methinks.

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