Airdate: HActresses

Adult themes, language.

YouTube comedy shorts HActresses is having a broadcast on 9GO! this week.

The 6-part series stars creators Belinda Kirwan and Nina Nicols as naive best friends who ambitiously strive to achieve one impossible dream: to become successful professional actresses before they hit thirty.

Despite years of failed auditions, co-op theatre and independent films, demeaning jobs, unscrupulous bosses, abject poverty, dysfunctional relationships and very little progress, their dream never dies.

The series also features Dave O’Neil, Lawrence Mooney, Mark Coles Smith, Jo Stanley, CJ Fortuna, Ben Hall, Abbe Holmes, Paul Ireland, Alf Nicdao, Eliza D’Souza, Tom Travers, Chris Gaffney, Loraine Fabb, Brenda Addie, Chris Gibson, Stephen Luby, Rob Taylor, Hannah Thiesz and Daria Elizabeth Fortuna.

The series is directed by Ben Plazzer and produced by Stephen Luby (Ruby Entertainment), Vasiliki Kyriakopoulos, Belinda Kirwan and Nina Nicols.

Our series has also managed to gain official selection into and awards in the following prestigious international web series festivals: HollyWeb, International Online Web Festival (Winner of Best Upcoming Actress – Belinda Kirwan and nominated for Best Makeup and Hairdressing), Web Series Festival Global (Finalist), Moving Parts Festival (Semi-Finalist and Finalist), Asia Web Awards (nominated for Best Ensemble Comedy and Best Sketch Comedy) and Apulia Web Fest.

HActresses – Evie and Lucy – share a house, a life and a dream together. But their only real current performing work is uploading acting scenes and Vlogs onto their YouTube channel with the assistance of their live-in-Landlord and long-suffering friend, financial backstop and washed-up musician Tommy McFarlane.

In their desperation, they attempt to court the favour of their hack agent as well as producers, directors and casting directors. Instead, they just receive propositions from users, losers, phonies and big-time nobodies.

Although their lack of success may dampen their spirits at times, it definitely hasn’t extinguished the flame that has burnt brightly within them since they graduated from their second-rate drama school.
Naively, the girls believe that their boss Peppe de Luca may facilitate some opportunities for introductions, meetings and auditions. But after visiting his house, it becomes patently obvious that the favours that Peppe promises (if indeed they do exist) come at a very high cost – that is he expects sexual favours in exchange for such opportunities. ‘HActresses’ posits the question: Just how far do young actresses have to go to advance their career? In the wake of the horrific revelations about Harvey Weinstein, associates and other industry powerbrokers, this aspect of the HActresses storyline is timely and unfortunately all too familiar.

The romantic relationships that the girls are involved in are not much healthier. Driven by arrogance and a sense of entitlement, both Chad Morrison and Hans de Kretser continually attempt to call the shots and hold the cards.

Tommy is the only man that the girls can rely on and trust. His life may be a train wreck but the highly co-dependent relationship between Tommy, Evie and Lucy is based on loyalty, respect and years of friendship – Tommy assists, supports and bails the girls out of trouble as many times as the girls rescue Tommy.

Thursday 5th December at 10:30pm on 9GO! (all episodes).

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