Bumped: The Unicorn

New US sitcom The Unicorn has been yanked from 10’s primary channel and relocated to 10 Peach.

The show starring Walter Goggins as a single dad who re-enters the dating scene debuted to 324,000 but dropped to as low as 170,000 in its second week.

It will now screen in double eps at 9pm Wednesdays on 10 Peach from tomorrow.

Bondi Rescue repeats are now in its place on 10.

Meanwhile 10 has also bumped Ambulance Australia & Ambulance (UK) to 9pm on Saturdays with movie replays Sister Act and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days playing early evenings over coming weeks.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Oh bother…I like it…but I tend to like the duds…*sigh*…..I will go there…if they don’t start moving it again….I also watched the 2 Ambulance shows…setting reminders…Thanks DK

    • carolemorrissey

      Same here. I seem to like the ‘duds’ too that get cancelled after 1 season. The Event, FlashForward, Alcatraz, Stalker, Grand Hotel. Many more but that’s all I can think of.

      • You can add me to this category too, i’m quite enjoying the Unicorn, it’s a bit of fun. I also really enjoyed the Event and Flash Forward and there are a number of shows on Netflix I seem to gravitate to that don’t get renewed, just as the stories get really interesting! Colony and Salvation both come to mind…

  2. I would have thought so…hopefully 10 are able truly revamp their Channel over this Christmas period so that when I’m A Celeb returns it will have been able to iron out all it’s issues!

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