Hay Mate raises $4.35m

Nine’s Hay Mate appeal last night raised $4.35m for farmers hit by the drought.

The Bush Christmas concert on the Mornington Peninsula featured John Farnham, Jon Stevens, Daryl Braithwaite, Vanessa Amorosi, The Black Sorrows with Vika and Linda, John Williamson, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Tim Wheatley and Little Georgia.


    • Hi Pegasus, as you probably know Telethon fundraises all year around and has decades of history. Same for Good Friday Appeal. I don’t know why people seem to want to take the “ours is better than yours” approach every time someone else goes to the effort of a good cause. We should all be better than that.

  1. I hope every bloody dollar goes to the farmers and none of it is used to pay the acts who performed or “admin costs” and I hope they get it to the farmers ASAP.

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