“I will miss my morning family madly”

Stevie Jacobs yesterday confirmed family commitments precluded his availability for Today in 2020.

On Instagram yesterday he posted a picture with Paul McCartney and told his followers:

“Hello Goodbye. One of my most cherished moments on Today. I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone for the incredible warm messages of support. Today has been my home for almost 15 years and I love the program and my colleagues dearly. Sadly I can’t commit to the future travel requirements of the job and have to put my beautiful daughters first. They are my world, my life and my joy. I hope to see you all back on the tellie soon. I couldn’t be more proud of my achievements or more grateful for the opportunities I’ve had with Nine. I will miss my morning family madly and wish the new team all the best for 2020 and beyond. A special thanks to my weather crew who are like brothers to me. We have had some amazing adventures. Looking forward to having breakfast with my girls and doing school drop off. Not going to miss that alarm. Thanks for the love and thanks for the laughs. It’s been an incredible ride and I am a lucky man.”

Tim Davies takes up permanent weather duties for Today next month.


  1. Agree entirely with Airaik Today need to get of Richard Wilkins, definitely a “has been” but have not watched this show for a long time The Sunrise Team are so relaxed around each other and that really comes through, much more entertaining too with their stories.

    • carolemorrissey

      I disagree with both of you. Richard Wilkins is not a has been. He’s a veteran of the entertainment industry & has a lot of contacts which gets him access to the major celebrities. A newby would not have these contacts & may not get the big celebrities. Richard is well respected.

      • I agree with you completely. Richard has 3 decades access & experience, Brooke in comparison has less than 12 months & it shows. She is like a giggling fan girl most of the time & it shows on the celebrities faces. Her idea of an interesting story – going to filming of a Samantha Jade video to learn the choreography. Richard meanwhile gets invites to celeb’ own homes like he did with Rod Stewart because he has been interviewing him since the 80s. Experience & insider knowledge does count. It was why Molly Meldrum was so successful.

        • If Richard was female he would of went years ago. Nine is still a boys club. They got rid of Kerrie-Anne( a Logie Hall of Fame recipient) and how many co-hosts has Karl gone through, yet he survives.

  2. Many people queried why he usually did the weather from the studio this year. Now we know why, because he didn’t want to travel. 9 obviously decided they didn’t want to continue down that path.

    • carolemorrissey

      Well he certainly went out with a bang. His last trip with the show was to Antarctica which looked fantastic. As a lover of penguins that would be my dream trip.

  3. Smart move getting out now on own terms rather than sticking with a show that is failing badly. Today show is so dated and changing hosts will still not save it. We want news and information not infomercials. We don’t want a show crammed with supposedly entertainment news delivered by a has been. Richard Wilkins needs to go as well. Sunrise is more popular because it gives us real news in greater detail with hosts that have real humour, not scripted unfunny bores

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