Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Dec 4

This week on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, Julia meets Olympic (and Australian Survivor) champ, Shane Gould.

Shane Gould is a one of a kind: a superstar swimmer who turned her back on the pool at the peak of her career in search of a simpler life. In this revealing and intimate episode, Shane and Julia revisit one of her primary schools and the house she lived in as a teenager. Shane talks about how her success put intense pressure on her and her family.

We visit the location of her famous 100m world record swim, North Sydney Pool, and meet one of Shane’s coaches Ursula Carlisle. Shane reveals to Ursula that she may have continued swimming if she had been challenged by taking up another stroke. Poolside, Shane explains to Julia what made her give it all away and “run away” to Western Australia.

Julia and Shane travels to Margaret River to visit the property Shane escaped to and the house she built.

8pm Wednesday on ABC.


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