Kerri-Anne apologises over controversial remark

Studio 10 presenter Kerri-Anne Kennerley has apologised following a string of media reports and social media posts that accused her of “slut-shaming” 10 Daily reporter Antoinette Lattouf.

During a segment around new buzz words on Friday, KAK made comment on Lattouf’s attire, asking “Did you forget your pants today?”

“It’s a playsuit,” Lattouf replied.

“And she looks unbelievable,” added Angela Bishop.

“A playsuit?” Kennerley asked. “And she’s gonna be thirsty!” (a reference to ‘thirsty’ as a buzzword euphemism for ‘horny’).

Over the weekend Kennerley came under fire from some articles and observers suggesting she had “slut-shamed” Lattouf -one of which was Studio 10 guest panelist Jan Fran… who was also on The Project panel last night.

Yesterday a 10 spokesperson told News Corp, “Kerri-Anne called Antoinette over the weekend and apologised for her comment.

“She reiterated her comment was not intended to cause offence. They had a respectful conversation and Antoinette accepted her apology.”


  1. KAK seems to have broadened her view on Climate Change, and is now talking about solutions. She’s also criticising the LNP Govt on leadership and other issues. I feel she isn’t as far Right as I tho6 she was. Either way, she make discussion on the show quite interesting, even if I don’t agree with her.

    • Playsuits for adults have been around forever. I wore a denim one in 1993 and ended up in hospital with a broken arm, I’m sure I was the talk of the Emergency Dept.

  2. Judge Judy regularly makes remarks of that nature to guests who aren’t appropriately dressed. I suppose that would constitute “slut-shaming” too? (I absolutely detest that inane terminology)

    The outrage brigade are clutching at straws by suggesting that KAK was calling Lattouf a “slut” on national TV. The ones concocting this non-issue are the ones using the pejorative, so perhaps they ought to reflect on their own attitudes (if they in fact consider it to be a problem) seeing as they are the ones suggesting that being under-dressed makes one a “slut”. Plus, I thought “sluttiness” pertained more so to perceptions of sexual immorality as opposed to mere dress (or lack thereof).

    Frankly, I was initially wondering what she was going on about considering that all three women in the middle were displaying quite a bit of leg. Who decides where to draw the hemline these days?

  3. It’s only a matter of time now until KAK gets signed up for her own show on SkyNews After Dark.

    Her level of obnoxious behaviour seems like an obvious strategy to gain attention for being mouthy – about anything and everything. It is also a world away from the KAK we used to know.

    I’m certain she is working towards something – she is smart and wily and knows what she has to do to establish the next chapter of her career. What a shame it is all so nasty.

  4. KAK needs to go. I loved her from day 1. When she is reading an autocue/script she is wonderful bit when she gives her opinion on things I find her to be awful.

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