Living Room revamp tipped for late March

10’s revamp of The Living Room may not hit our screens until later in Q1 if a post by Barry du Bois is any indication.

On Instagram he said, “Amanda will be introducing a new line up of Celebrity Dancers and then after that the four of us, your Friday night pseudo family will be back on your telly before you know it. I can’t wait to tell you more about that soon.”

With Chris Brown & Miguel Maestre tied up with I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Amanda Keller on Dancing with the Stars (tipped for February), it’s not really any surprise. This year the show also delayed its return until late March.

Quite what 10 has in store for its 4 presenters is unknown, but the show will have a new title as it shifts from WTFN to what is looking like an in-house production.

TV Tonight understands the original contract with WTFN and 10 had a clause that said if 10 had another production company make the show at any stage, WTFN would still get a licensing fee. It isn’t clear if cancelling the show means they no longer have to pay a licence fee -but it would certainly help explain why a new title is on the way…

While the talent was originally cast by and signed to WTFN they are understood to now be signed directly to 10. Sources also suggest the production company weren’t told Chris Brown was to co-host I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here until just before Upfronts in 2014.

WTFN recently declined to comment on the end of the show while 10, which confirmed all 4 presenters back on Fridays in 2020, has simply said, “Watch this space for more information.”

10 has also denied rumours the new show will be called Home.


  1. I hope channel ten spend a bit of money and try to make it as entertaining as possible. Channel ten often think öh if we get some celebrities as guests the show will succeed””.

  2. The obvious comparison would be with Better Homes & Gardens. The Living Room had won Logies possibly in the same categories as BH&G, but BH&G is still a favourite lifestyle format for many people too and does well in the ratings.

    I remember Amanda Keller mentioning that TLR is something like Lifestyle meets Hey, Hey it’s Saturday, but I didn’t see much resemblance with Hey, Hey, except maybe novelty product demonstrations. I would like to see more Hey, Hey influence in the new format if it’s possible to incorporate with lifestyle. I remember some audiences also wanted Hey, Hey influence with Studio 10 in the show feedback, and it was sometimes compared with HHIS, but had little resemblance with HHIS, though Denise Drysdale has history with HHIS.

  3. I’m happy to hear Dancing with the s
    Stars is coming back. I hope they get the casting right and have contestants that appeal to the demographic 10 are chasing.

  4. I would say 10s lawyers are all over it…so they don’t have to pay WTFN…..just my thought…
    I don’t mind what they call it …as long as the gang are back…?

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