Merry Christmas from TV Tonight!

Merry Christmas to you….

If you’re seeing this today you are one very loyal reader of TV Tonight and I thank you…

Every year I give thought to what camp Christmas photo to bring you, and this year for no reason in particular I’ve gone with Bewitched. Great memories of Sam & Derwood….

Here’s a gallery of previous pics, with an awful lot of Bradys and guest appearances by the one and only Pete Smith.

This year I think our thoughts are also with those affected by bushfires. Thanks to firefighters, emergency workers and a shout out to news crews keeping us informed.










  1. Arrrh a lovely Christmas lunch over for another year. Time to sit, put the feet up, watch a replay of last nights Carols and before I doze off on my full tummy, check my favourite Internet site and wish you David and everyone who participates a very Merry Christmas and hope you are all enjoying the day as much as I am.

  2. I have had a late start to the day….Thank you David Knox, hope your day is going as you wanted…
    And what everyone else said….Hope you are all having the day you wanted…?????

  3. hope this doesnt get taken down ,but Bewitched Samantha Stevens the only woman on tv to have had 2 differents Dicks , Dick york and Dick Sargent loved Bewitched

  4. Very Merry Christmas David. Thanks for yet another year of passionate reporting. How do you keep the standard up so high year after year without having an “off period”?
    Also, best wishes to all the regular readers and commenters here. Whilst David’s writing is the obvious main reason we come here, the banter, opinions and enthusiasms of my fellow readers is so often just as crucial a read as the main articles.

  5. I didn’t expect any posts here today, but I’ve clicked on my TVT icon on the home screen out if habit ?
    Merry Christmas to you David, hope you have a lovely day whatever you’re doing.
    Love this year’s Bewitched pic, as well as the previous ones, Maria V, Pete Smith, and of course the late Terry Gill

  6. Christmas day is usually an interesting day in terms of programming. It’s a significant day for programming as people are at home or at friends and relatives homes with the TV being watched by usually a few people or more in the background of gatherings.

    This year, I thought very much how to be sending standard greetings this Christmas…

    Merry Christmas or happy holidays to all

  7. Merry Christmas to you and all your family , thanks for another great year , have a great New year as well , and of course to all the readers , thanks for working together to achieve our tv goals , have a great Christmas and a amazing New Year as well ????

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