Newspaper issues apology to John Jarratt

Daily Telegraph says sorry for the hurt caused by the publication of an article.

The Daily Telegraph has apologised to actor John Jarratt.

It follows the Wolf Creek star launching a second defamation case, claiming an article published after he was acquitted reporting the reaction of his accuser was “over-sensationalised” and conveyed imputations.

A brief article, published online without a paywall, said:

“Some readers may have believed that an article published on July 7 titled “Jarratt accuser ‘broken’” implied that the actor John Jarratt was guilty of an offence. This is incorrect. Mr Jarratt was fully acquitted of the charge after a unanimous “not guilty” verdict by a 12 person jury in July. We apologise to Mr Jarratt for the hurt and embarrassment caused by the publication of the article.”

It was printed on page 90.

Updated: The case has reportedly been settled, with terms confidential.