Oops. ABC News bulletin still on the air

This ABC News presenter in Tasmania didn’t realise she was still on air after she signed off and began chatting to her control room.

Thankfully she didn’t say anything too embarrassing!


  1. battlestargalactica

    “So we’re going to do 30 minutes of TV live to air. We’ll only need 2 crew, including the producer, and it’ll all be controlled by someone a thousand kilometres away with only half an eye on it because they’re actually also controlling a dozen other channels all doing the same thing”.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Another presenter left with egg on their faces due to automation. A Directors Assistant would have noticed they were still on air, and for that matter would have been running their own stop watch with the in and out times and not just relying on an automated clock, which obviously stopped working in this case. A Floor Manager would have then informed the presenter straight away she was still on air. Sounds like ‘Greg’ and ‘Gary’ were too busy looking after RVO placements on their computer screens to actually look up at the on air monitors to see what was actually going to air.

  3. Obviously the TAS clock was running early as it appears Media Hub correctly left the TAS studio link open until right until 7.30pm as per the normal process. However, if the control had of looked at the “off air” monitor they would have noticed they were still on air….

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