Oops. Viewers annoyed The Chase cut short

Avid fans of The Chase were not very happy with Seven yesterday after the show was cut short in favour of the news.

The error appears to be another playout error after Seven moved its entire playout function from Melbourne to a new National Playout Centre in Sydney (the NPC).

Seven recently told media watchdog ACMA there have been “a number of teething problems that have occurred in the transition to the new operations.”

It was a talking point with readers in the site TV Lounge:

Jason: Gees, the new NPC is working well for Seven. A minute of commercials in the 5:57 news promo break causing the last minute of The Chase to be cut – mid-chase.

Brooke: Very strange. I was watching The Chase Aus, it went to an ad break and then the news came on! It is still on and the clock in the bottom corner says 4:50 pm. It is currently 5:15 pm in Brisbane. Not sure what’s going on.

indigohex: Same thing happened with The Simpsons on 7flix, in which The Simpsons didn’t start until around 7:15pm and even then it started halfway through the second episode. And I think 7TWO and 7mate were the same thing. Ironically, 7food Network, which is marked to close down soon was on schedule…apparently.

Blake: Channel 7 just cut the end of the final chase and went straight to the news.


  1. harrypotter1994

    I was watching the Chase UK at work and there were issues with that too. They showed contestant John’s cash builder and had just introduced him to the chaser when the tape reverted back to the start of the cash builder again. As a result the program went to an ad break midway through his chase. When the program came back he had returned safely and they were showing the next contestant.

  2. Another inevitable result of the crushing of regional television and the smaller metros in favour of centralising in Sydney and hoping that automation will do the job when the information critical to smooth presentation is being entered by someone who has never seen an actual television station. Where do people learn to do on-air co-ordination? Look at Seek, there are always jobs advertised for playout centres, mainly through headhunters now because they’re all stealing staff form each other. Ah, once upon a time when there were real television stations in Oz …

  3. Compared to the UK version the ending (the end chat after the final chase) always feels too rushed and “quick! we gotta go!” even without any problems.

  4. Yes, happened in Canberra too.
    I think the problem was that usually there is just a news break and sometimes 1 ad but yesterday there was about 4 ads in the final break.
    I too want to know who won.
    This is 2019 ch 7 Get your act together.

  5. It happened in Sydney as well although the chase was closer to the end. Seems like NPC playout didn’t know what was going on. Cut to news break early and then went to ads and then had another news break and then back to chase which itself was cut for the news. Very bizarre.

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