SBS on Demand: Temple

UK crime drama Temple begins today at SBS on Demand.

This is an adaptation of the Norwegian series Valkyrien and stars stars Mark Strong, Carice Van Houten and Daniel Mays.

It screened internationally in September.

All eight episodes are available to stream.

Temple follows Daniel Milton (Mark Strong, Kingsman), a talented and successful surgeon. After a personal tragedy shatters his comfortable life, Daniel partners up with a lonely yet resourceful young man named Lee (Daniel Mays, Line of Duty) to start a literal ‘underground’ clinic, situated in the vast labyrinthine network of tunnels and spaces beneath London.

Daniel treats all those who cannot, or will not, seek more legitimate means of healthcare – criminals, illegal immigrants, and the just plain weird. Daniel and Lee are soon joined in the bunker by Anna (Carice Van Houten, Game Of Thrones), a guilt-ridden medical researcher, and Jamie, a young fugitive bank robber who’s in way over his head.

Down in the bowels of the city, Milton must do his best to juggle this misfit team and their needs, alongside those of an illegal clinic and its increasingly unpredictable clientele. But Daniel also has another mission – one close to his heart, and as he begins to push his moral boundaries as both a doctor and a man, it becomes worryingly apparent that it may actually be him and his desperate actions that finally bring the whole thing crashing down.

Thursday, 5 December 2019 on SBS On Demand.

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