Survivor (US) fast-tracked finale

More good news for Survivor fans with 9GO! to again fast-track the season finale next week.

In fact it will be in sync with the Live US broadcast from 12pm AEDT Thursday

9GO! has frequently been generous for Aussie fans with Live finale broadcasts, in order to minimise the spoiling.

That’s the two hour final and 1 hr reunion.

It is repeated in the evening for those who can’t view Live. Win / win.



  1. I’ve enjoyed Survivor-Island of Idols. Like all the others in the Survivor series though it has it’s own unique flavour. Some weird characters and some ill thought out strategising has been the stand out characteristic of this series for me. Looking forward to the final as I can’t guess who might win, maybe Dean? Glad that 9 are looking after us though, keep thinking that the day will come when Survivor won’t be on FTA.

  2. What a massive yawnfest this season has been. Hope the endgame picks up sharpish! Rob and Sandra have been squandered. All eyes on the 40th season which should be mega.

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