The Project: “We need to make a correction”

The Project last night responded to criticism it had misled viewers with a clip on Monday night in which a woman told Scott Morrison she was “not my prime minister.”

The clip appeared to suggest a woman at an evacuation centre in Mudgee, NSW, rejecting the PM amid his absence during bushfire emergencies.

#NotmyPrimeMinister quickly lit up social media, with many praising the woman, Jacqui.

But she was later revealed to be a British citizen, which altered the context of her remark.

“Last night, we brought you a clip from an RFS volunteer called Jacqui. We need to make a correction,” Waleed Aly said.

“It turns out there was a longer exchange between Jacqui and the PM that followed that where she explained she was in fact a UK citizen and that’s why ScoMo was not her PM.”

Aly said significant parts of the clip were “inaudible … so we couldn’t actually deduce what was in that exchange.”

“This was clearly not a deliberate mistake on our part, it was however a mistake nonetheless,” he said.

“We take full responsibility for it.”

The Project team normally has a fact checker as part of its production team.

Source: 10 Daily


  1. Interesting that some comments have seized on this error to denigrate The Project in general. The same people who regularly denigrate the ABC for their perceived leftwing bias.

    • You are right. Different tastes means that some like certain programmes, when others don’t: perhaps due to religious or political beliefs, or something else. Who cares? SloMo is an idiot anyway.

      • Hey Gaz…..just wanted to let you know….my developing dislike for the unbalanced left views of the Project are become close to just as annoying as the far right views of Sky News. (Like many I can’t watch that Sky News evening bs). In most cases the ABC does offer a balanced view like Insiders which is great to watch so we as viewers can make our own informed opinion.

  2. News delivered differently – without fact checking, research or balance it seems. Its either lazy and sloppy “journalism” at best, or clickbait/deceptive editing with an agenda to serve at worst.

    It matters not why to me – its just a good hint to the audience that the content isn’t reliable or trustworthy.

  3. Not quite understanding why everyone is beating up on a show being upfront with a mistake instead of brushing it under the carpet like most other shows on the other networks. Whilst the narrative of the original story fits nicely with my own feelings towards a bloke who I do not regard as “my” PM, it was right for The Project to correct accordingly.

  4. Interesting reactions to this here. The project is getting worse and worse with it’s unbalanced view and this is a classic example. Good on the god apologizing but by 24 hours later the unbalanced view was out there and done. A few weeks ago the project played a 3 minute editorial of a fire volunteers wife saying how bad scott Morrison is all because he came out with one line about how Many volunteers enjoy what they do for the community. (a view the nsw fire chief also said this week) Ok maybe mention it in a news grab but it hardly requires a whole 3 minute piece Scoot Morrison is not to blame for the bushfires as they have been happening for centuries and will continue to happen and he is not to blame for “average” protection equipment as the fire departments are state based. And his is entitled to have a short weeks break at this time of year with his family. Just an…

  5. Can’t say I’m surprised. The Project has been doing this s*** since it started. Look at how they treated Eric Thomas (Gable Tostee) recently during an interview and during the trial. Of course they have an agenda and it’s sad how much misinformation I have heard from people due to their one sided stories and I am always having to correct them with the right information. I was once waiting at a train station and I looked up at all the apartments nearby and they were all watching The Project. So many people don’t like their news delivered too seriously, that’s why their so called news reporting works.

  6. Once again, any publicity is good publicity and clickbait journalism is alive and well on The Project especially when Waleed is in charge. It’s noteworthy that with Waleed sharing his time between Network 10 and the ABC there seems to be a number of ABC personalities appearing on The Project this year.

    • “clickbait journalism is alive and well on The Project especially when Waleed is in charge”

      Waleed isn’t in charge. He’s one anchor out of several. There are people further up the food chain so to speak.

  7. Clearly a mistake, not a deliberate attempt to change the narrative. Some may perceive The Project to be left, I find it centre-left, but it does have integrity, and wouldn’t stoop as low as some are suggesting.

    • carolemorrissey

      It’s not left. They have Steve Price on every Monday. And any time there is an issue which the right are outraged about they have him on to give his opinion on it. We already know what he thinks. They have Pyne on every other week. They don’t have anyone from Labor on too. They pick on Labor as much as the Libs.

  8. That’s the problem right there, “normally” has a fact checker, maybe only when it’s convenient to fact check something but would deliberately and malicious attack in everything else just like this one but that’s what you get from a comedy show anyway. No one takes The Project seriously.

  9. I don’t believe the excuse as I have seen many of their pre-packaged reports and some of them did seem to have misleading and imbalanced narratives to promote agendas. They seemed to only contain the quote grabs that fitted with the agenda and not any information from the other side of the stories. It seems to be the culture within the show and the reason I can’t stand to watch it anymore. It made me angry seeing how misleading the pre-packaged reports were, when knowing the balanced details from various sources. They were only caught out now. Their reports also seem oversimplified in a condescending way.

    I do acknowledge the good aspects of the show, such as charity fundraising, giving people a platform to share their stories and sense of humour.

  10. carolemorrissey

    It wasn’t just because of that that not my PM was trending. A lot of us feel like that. Good on them for correcting it. A lot wouldn’t bother.

    • Exactly. The original statement was taken out of context but it trended because of how people are feeling so ironically The Project’s “mistake” tapped into public sentiment anyway.

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