Voting continues for Worst Show of the Year

These shows are emerging as front-runners for the Worst of 2019.

Viewers are voting with their fingers for the Worst Show of the Year in current polling on the TV Tonight Awards.

In no particular order, those pulling big numbers include The Proposal, Trial by Kyle, Saturday Night Rove, Changing Rooms, My Kitchen Rules, Today, Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Married at First Sight and Love Island Australia.

One is currently standing head and shoulders above the rest….

There are even a few votes for Seachange, Playing for Keeps, Les Norton, and both the AACTA and Logies Awards ceremonies.

The International Worst Show is a much tighter race between The Big Bang Theory, The Unicorn, Love Island UK, Keeping up with the Kardashians and even Game of Thrones. Ouch.

You may have other ideas!

You can still have your say on these and assorted other categories until voting closes on Friday January 3.

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18 Responses

  1. Les Norton and Playing for keeps are 2 of my favorites shows, both just entertaining. Not trying to be anything but fun….they both succeed. MKR or Mafs for me are the worst!

  2. ‘Secret Bridesmaid’s Business’ was the worst show I’ve seen this year. Shame it was Australian.
    ‘Lunatics’ was also awful, but that scores for being the most disappointing…
    And internationally? I thought ‘The Rook’ on Stan was a meandering mess that never lived up to a sturdy early promise.
    ‘Fear The Walking Dead S5’ was run into the ground with a godawful central storyline and characters who all got drained of any personality. It committed the ultimate sin of a scripted show: it was boring to watch.
    And finally, certainly not the worst show out there but ‘The Flash’ has also become boring and repetitive to watch, especially S5 Part 2 earlier in the year.

  3. I’m not a fan of Kyle but to be fair this show is at the very least slightly entertaining and quite funny . Rove on the other hand, who I’m a big fan of , should never have let Saturday night rove get to air.

  4. A(lleged) Current Affair. I go on their website and it is absolute crap, just like those infomercials and home shopping channels. ACA is as believable as those magazines that is now talking about the coronation of Queen Kate at Christmas time this year (fake news).

  5. I think informercial programming blocks promote and sell products and give revenue for the TV stations. People must be watching and buying from them if they are still showing infomercials, but I think home shopping and infomercial programs like Danoz and Global Shop could be up there on the worst list if they weren’t so low profile in the early mornings. The overdramatic reenactments and repetitive providing of details.

    At least TVSN and Openshop are more personable presentations.

    1. There was complaints that it wasn’t the same as the books. That is the problem with being an adaptation, you are always competing against the original. I liked the show, hope they do a season 2.

  6. What? Seachange, Playing for keeps, Les Norton & Big Bang Theory are great shows. I voted for My Kitchen Rules for Aussie show. And am probably the only vote for the stupid Simpsons. Why is that show still going?

    1. You’re not the only one me to i have never understood what the appeal of the simpsons is but fox 8 are showing every episode without stopping and it’s working it’s rating really well

  7. Les Norton-really? It’s one of my favourite shows this year! Silly but really enjoyable. Normally, when I watch a program that is not good, I switch over pretty quickly.

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