What has been your Show of the Decade?

Vote now on the most ground-breaking, memorable television from 2010 - 2019.

2020 is almost upon us.

But what has been the Show of the Decade?

TV Tonight is seeking your votes on the most ground-breaking, memorable television from 2010 – 2019.

The only proviso … the show must have made its debut during this decade (sorry to Breaking Bad, Lost, Mad Men and yep, The Simpsons). Any genre is ok and yes a reboot / remake is acceptable if it began post 2010.

You can check dates of your shows at IMDb or Wikipedia.

To make things easier the survey allows you to submit your 5 favourite International and Australian titles.

Cast your votes here!

The survey closes Friday 3rd January 2020.

Results will be announced early next month after the TV Tonight Awards (you can still vote for those here).

39 Responses

  1. Surprised some of these comments haven’t mentioned offspring.
    My votes included:
    GoT – obviously
    Handmaids tale
    Secret City
    Total control
    And Australian survivor as a nod to best reality.

  2. Vulture has done an amazing list of the best and worst shows of the decade. 257 TV shows are listed (in various categories). The worst show, though, is debatable. They had a slightly different approach to deciding whether a program was classified as a 2010s one.

  3. some Aussie shows to consider that people may have forgotten about:
    Deep Water 2016
    Anzac Girls 2014
    Black Comedy 2014
    the Checkout 2013
    Puberty Blues 2012
    Paper Giants ( the Birth of Cleo 2011/Magazine Wars 2013)
    The Slap 2011
    Mrs Carey’s Concert 2011

  4. I find both sad and disturbing that no one has mentioned Love Island & Love Island Australia for the overseas and domestic show of the decade. Also bachelor in paradise with tv host of the decacde, Osher….There is still time to vote folks

    1. Yeah based on how the Gregorian calendar started with a one and not a zero it is really at the end of 2021, as if it was a Year Zero, then One etc., we’d now be in 2018. However people tend to count the decade more like birthdays in that we are zero born and then celebrate the first year on Earth by turning one, so at ten we are a decade old.

      So yep because there’s no year 0 in the calendar, the first year was complete at the end of year 1, not at its beginning like birthdays, and yes by that this decade did start in 2011. However we talk in things as the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s 70’s, 80’s etc., so like with the 90s, we think of the period from 1990-1999, it doesn’t make sense that the year 1990 would be considered part of the 80s or 2000 as part of the 90’s so it’s done like it is.

  5. International-

    The Good Place
    Schitt’s Creek
    Orange is the new Black
    How to get away with Murder

    Local –

    Old peoples home for foUr year olds.
    The Feed
    Gogglebox Australia
    Upper Middle Bogan
    Excess Baggage

  6. With international shows, does 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (which I watch on Viceland) count as a 2010s shows? I need to put down more than just Bob’s Burgers for best international show. Best Australian shows are Utopia, Rosehaven and Ronny Chieng: International Student (btw, I was an extra in the show’s pilot that was on the Comedy Showroom a couple of years ago).

  7. After a bit of a think I did remember some Aussies ones I liked: Please Like Me, Rake, Tidelands, Secret City, Sunshine, it’s interesting what sticks in you head though like East West 101 and that was 2007-2011 (really feels more recent than that but there you go).

  8. Killing Eve, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Shameless US come to mind. There are others but these are shows i remember. They’ve changed television imo. As for local well Wentworth and A Place to Call Home are the big two dramas that come to mind. Reality wise you could say MKR and sure back in its heyday it was brilliant. Masterchef was good too but a decade is 10 years and it began in 09 which would have the decade end last year and that isn’t the case.

  9. Hey Hey its Saturday remake was alright for me, I know that was 2010 or 2011 🙂 and what seemed alright on its first airing for the remake of The Price is Right 2012 (but became to much of Big W prizes ect). And finally the short lived It’s a Knockout remake.

  10. I can’t think of up to 5 titles for Australian and International titles for best show of the decade. Many of the shows I can think of started prior to 2010. What I can say is that Have You Been Paying Attention? is definitely a standout from the last decade. Do count that as a vote if possible. Thanks.

    1. I can’t for Australian however International my cup runith over, really hard to make a choice, The Good Place is likely the top one however from there it’s a difficult shuffle (and most are on streaming services and recent).

  11. Orange is the New Black- introduced me to Netflicks and then the concept of streaming services which had changed everything. Another big one was Downton Abbey- period drama which attracted the mainstream. I think the Real Housewives concept also- as crap as it there have been so many spinoffs etc that it practically has its own network.

  12. Has to be MasterChef (Season 2 in 2010) with record FTA audiences for reality TV (still holds to this day) including the second biggest audience in OzTam history (only behind Lleyton Hewitt’s 2005 Aus Open final loss) with over 4m metropolitan viewers for the winner announced!

    Was* such a fantastic, era defining, game changing show (MKR anyone? and the flood of other reality shows at the expense of drama)

      1. I would argue that a show that started at the end of the last decade, but had most of it’s run this decade would qualify. For example The Brady Bunch started in 1969, but I would consider it a 70s show and Dallas which started in the US in 1978 is definitely the definition of an 80s show.

        1. Yeah it’s a difficult one, for instance Archer started in 2009 and is 10 seasons in, however doesn’t qualify yet something like BoJack Horseman is and may not have been around if Archer hadn’t, as the creator said in Rolling Stone:

          “The caustic style of Archer was really on my mind when I was first doing BoJack — perhaps too much!”

          However that’s the way it goes sometimes I guess.

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