Airdate: Sydney Harbour Patrol

SBS screens observational series featuring marine police & salvage teams on Sydney Harbour.

SBS screens the two part observational series Sydney Harbour Patrol.

The two part series from WTFN features marine police, salvage teams, ship yards and environmental protection units.

This screened on Pay TV in 2016.

Iconic Sydney Harbour attracts more than 40 million visitors a year and covers 317 kilometres of shoreline. It’s the largest and one of the busiest natural harbours on earth. With unprecedented behind the scenes access, Sydney Harbour Patrol follows the key people critical to the smooth operation of this giant machine. It reveals a side to one of the world’s most beautiful cities that is rarely seen, with a mix of cinematic visuals and dynamic character-driven narratives.

Series One, Episode One:
A million dollar police boat crashes onto rocks, and salvage diver Brendan risks his life to save nearby beach goers from the debris. Site supervisor Ron battles to keep a critical construction project on track after it strikes a major hazard, while fisheries officer Joel wrestles a man-eating shark during a dangerous night-time storm. Shipyard manager Luke must protect millions of dollars of precious boats from the destructive forces of nature.

Tuesday, 7 January at 7.30pm on SBS.

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  1. I hope this show finds a way to fit into the SBS charter. The last thing SBS needs is for the government to find more reasons to cut funding – especially with the unexpected cost of these latest bushfires challenging their beloved surplus. Scomo and Josh will be looking for savings and SBS might struggle to justify tax payer funded prime-time shows about Iconic Sydney Harbour….and an English guy on a train….etc.

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