Australian Open 2020: guide

Nine’s coverage of the Australian Open begins 11am Monday on Nine and 9GEM, with a pre-show from 10am.

From Monday, January 20 until Sunday, February 2, the tournament’s best matches and biggest moments will be broadcast live and free on Nine and 9Gem.

And on Australia’s leading commercial free‐to‐air video‐on‐demand service, 9Now, viewers will be treated to every ball of every match on every court, ensuring Australians get the best tennis experience available, anytime, anywhere, on a device of their choosing.

Our expert team of hosts and commentators, backed by the unrivalled resources of Nine’s Wide World of Sports, will take viewers closer to the game than ever before.

On Nine, your hosting lineup will feature James Bracey, Rebecca Maddern and Tony Jones, while over on 9Gem, your hosts will be Erin Molan, Seb Costello and Alicia Loxley.

Commentating across the tournament will be John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Todd Woodbridge, Lleyton Hewitt, Jelena Dokic, Sam Smith, Alicia Molik, Dylan Alcott, Sam Groth, Casey Dellacqua and Tom Rehn.
Additional off‐court reporting will be provided by Clint Stanaway, Lauren Phillips, Madeline Slattery and Danika Mason.

And funny man Andy Lee will bring his unique take on the game in a series of one‐on‐one interviews with the champions of the sport.

Our broadcast will utilise 360-degree, Matrix-style cameras: immersive video technology that positions cameras right around the court to simultaneously capture every angle. The resulting vision will give viewers a panorama-like experience of the world’s greatest tennis players in action.

New analysis technology will ensure our commentators are able to scrutinise the game like never before, with every inch of play under the microscope.

For the very first time, Electronic Line Calling technology will be available on every single court, across the entire tournament.

Once again, our hosting set will be positioned on a half-court tennis court. Court Nine is located near Margaret Court Arena and this outdoor studio will welcome tennis fans to Melbourne Park as they arrive at the precinct through the city entrance.

Once again, our hosting set will be positioned on a half‐court tennis court. Court Nine is located near Margaret Court Arena and this outdoor studio will welcome tennis fans to Melbourne Park as they arrive at the precinct through the city entrance.

As well as providing the backdrop to our hosting of the Australian Open, the set will be home to the Today show team, who will broadcast Live from Melbourne Park each day from January 20.

When not being used as a live television studio, Court Nine will be open to the public, bringing the game closer to fans than ever before. Tennis enthusiasts can even have their service speed measured on the half‐court.

Players will also conduct pre and post‐ game interviews on Court Nine, with the public able to watch on.

Plus, there will be autograph signing sessions with Nine celebrities.

And a giant screen positioned on Court Nine will showcase Nine’s broadcast, providing all fans with a front‐row seat to the premier matches.

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  1. TV just stays on 7 this time of the year. Love the tennis and the 2 weeks this offers.

    I bet Tony Jones won’t be given the job of interviewing the winners this year after his Osaka disaster last year.

  2. 1. Australian Open starting at a later date. I’ve looked through my diary and noticed that Term 1 starts in VIC on the 28 Jan (a day after the Aus Day Holiday). This will be the first time in Australian Open Grand Slam history that Term 1 schooling will clash with the Australian Open. During the 2nd week, most VIC students will head off to school and therefore the attendances will drop. The ratings will no doubt, slide.
    2. The weather forecast on day 1 in Melbourne will be heavy rain and isolated t-storms. Last week, whilst driving, I heard on the radio that there is health concerns over air quality. A Russian player had to withdraw from the match due to smoke inhalation.
    3. Rebecca Maddern–I know that she will have a big load over the next 2 weeks. Will she continue presenting Weekend Today with Richard Wilkins?

  3. This will be a Fantastic Year of the Australian Open Tournament. It just seems to be getting better and better every time.!!
    I’m not on any side but I do think Channel Nine are broadcasting the Australian Open Tennis coverage way more better than what Channel Seven did all those years with it..
    Can’t Wait, Super Excited!!

  4. I think there are other presenters/reporters/commentators on Nine, based off 2019. These must be the main ones.

    Last year also had: Cameron Williams, Julie Snook, Roger Rasheed, Geoff Masters, John Fitzgerald, Darren Cahill, David Culbert, Peter Donegan. Plus I think one or two others from Nine News Sydney or Melbourne?

    • Cam Williams and Julie Snook just did ‘tennis news’ updates last year. As for the other names, they’re all part of the host broadcast commentary team so not employed by 9. Well only get them if 9 doesn’t use their own commentary so probably just in 9Gem

  5. I’m so looking forward to the first grand slam of the year.
    Where I am in Sydney, 9Gem is currently available in HD on Channel 95.
    If it’s like previous years, there’s the choice of 2 tennis channels (seperate matches).

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