Claudia Karvan, Ed Kavalee, Celia Pacquola, Dami Im on Dancing with the Stars

Claudia Karvan, Ed Kavalee, Celia Pacquola and Dami Im are amongst those joining 10’s second season of Dancing with the Stars.

They join Angie Kent, Beau Ryan, Chloe Lattanzi, Dean Wells, Travis Cloke and Christian Wilkins in a youthful cast who will foxtrot, rumba, cha-cha and waltz for chosen charities.

Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer return as hosts for the season, staged Live in Melbourne, from Sunday February 9.

Claudia Karvan’s name is synonymous with iconic Australian dramas including Love My Way and The Secret Life Of Us, but stepping out of the acting world and into the dancing world could be her greatest challenge yet. Will she be able to put her acting skills to good use, or will a real-life drama unfold before our eyes?

Joining Claudia are resident jokesters Ed Kavalee and Celia Pacquola, who will be hoping that they don’t become the butt of everyone’s jokes as they attempt to quickstep their way to the mirror ball trophy.

Fresh off the plane from America we have actress and performer, Chloe Lattanzi. The daughter of Australia’s sweetheart, Olivia Newton-John, Chloe is no stranger to the spotlight. Chloe is ready and waiting in the wings to put her musical and acting talents to good use.

Known for being wrapped up in controversy, a highly publicised cheating scandal, and a marriage at first sight, reality TV star Dean Wells will be officially waltzing away from the dramatic dinner parties, and cha-cha-chaing his way onto the dancefloor.

After playing 256 AFL games and winning a premiership, you’d think Travis Cloke has jumped over his fair share of hurdles throughout his career. But his biggest one awaits when he attempts to swap the footy boots for dancing shoes.

Singing sensation Dami Im is no stranger to the stage having represented Australia at Eurovision Song Contest 2016. But, just how will this self-confessed unco fare on the dance floor?

Fresh from finding love, Australia’s favourite bachelorette, Angie Kent, will be swapping roses for rumba, and cocktail parties for dance parties. Will she literally fall head over heels, or will she spin her way to a win?

And not one to shy away from a challenge, The Amazing Race Australia host Beau Ryan will be hoping that he’s picked up some dancing skills on his recent worldwide adventures.

Last, but definitely not least, podcast guru, model, socialite, TV presenter and son of TV royalty Richard Wilkins, Christian Wilkins is no stranger to the entertainment world. But is he ready for a challenge of a different kind?

Hosted by 10’s dazzling dynamic duo Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer, Dancing With The Stars sees ten illustrious celebrities paired with professional dancers to compete in a dance competition oozing glitz and glamour, to win $50,000 for their chosen charity.

Under the watchful eye of our three judges – Craig Revel Horwood, Sharna Burgess and Tristan MacManus – the pressure is on to ensure the celebrities don’t put a foot wrong and risk elimination.

So, get ready because it’s going to be one hell of a dance off!

Dancing With The Stars is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia and BBC Studios, from a format created by the BBC and distributed by BBC Studios.

7:30pm Sunday February 9 on 10.


  1. Firstly, thank god there will finally be something to watch on FTA on a Sunday night for the first time in years! I don’t recall when I watched FTA on a Sunday night. Secondly, a great cast lined up, a few names I don’t know, but more that I do know.

  2. Really happy about Celia and Ed, should both be good for a laugh. Chloe’s an interesting selection, I know nothing about her, but curious to learn a bit about her. I agree with others, Claudia is a good get. I’m well over Angie and don’t really get her appeal so i’m hoping she won’t last long.

    The others I either don’t know, or don’t know much about them, but hoping they’re some interesting characters amongst them.

    I quite enjoyed last season, so looking forward to this one.

  3. I’d love to see an All Stars for the next series, lots of people to choose from over 16 seasons. Plus 10 might not have a choice after Survivor, I’m a Celeb, Masked Singer and Name Game! Yasmin and David Tench will be waiting by the phone …

  4. Always said the second season should feature at least one comedian as Denise Scott was great value in S1 so nice to see Ed and Celia in the cast. Nice way to promote Ed’s new radio show too. I just wish ex MAFS and Love Island contestants weren’t classed as celebrities….

  5. What a great cast. Love Claudia, Cecelia, Ed, Beau, Travis, Dami and Angie. Will be interesting to see what Chloe is like, Olivias daughter, although talked about a lot due to health issues, is unknown to me. Angie is fun, she can liven up any reality show! Can’t wait for this, top 5 Five show last year!

  6. Great casting and l hope they give the competition a run for their money. Sunday is a better night for a dance show but who knows. Best if the kick it off from 7pm.

  7. Wow, I knew all but one of them, and took a wild guess he was a former footballer.

    I wonder if Ed will capitalise on his fitness, and dance shirtless?

    • harrypotter1994

      Davesmith is saying why have a MAFS contestant on the show when the show is competing with MAFS. Are people really going to stop their MAFS viewership for a single three minutes maximum dance routine?

  8. So only three that I don’t have a clue who they are, that’s an improvement on last years lot. No idea who those three blokes are right of Ed Kavalee.

  9. Oh yeah as a cast I do like this Celia Pacquola and Ed Kavalee add the comic factor. Expect comments directed as Kavalee as him being a dancing girafee or something similar. It writes itself.

  10. This is a great cast!! Lots of likeable personalities and genuinely famous “stars”. The youthful slant makes sense for their target demos. Just don’t understand the MAFS guy given it’ll be competing with MAFS

  11. I have been saying for years they should go after Claudia.

    Another reality show for Angie. Really? You found your man maybe find something else to do.

    Beau Ryan interesting but not to many hugs please.

    Claudia Karvan, Ed Kavalee, Celia Pacquola and Dami Im are awesome gets.

    also glad the same judges are coming back.

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