Game of Thrones voted International Show of the Decade

Game of Thrones has been voted the International Show of the Decade according to TV Tonight readers.

The sprawling HBO drama, which ran from 8 seasons from 2011 – 2019, broke Pay TV records (and sometimes streaming platforms) with unprecedented fan buzz.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel Director of Television said, “Foxtel is delighted that TV Tonight readers have chosen Game of Thrones as the International Show of the Decade.

“Whether fans saw their favourite hero as the final ruler to sit the Iron Throne or not, all can agree that Game of Thrones brought television to an entirely new level taking viewers on an incredible journey that captivated Australian and global audiences for nearly a decade. Game of Thrones is the television series of a generation and delivered unrivalled action, drama and intrigue. Frankly there is no other show like it. As a television phenomenon, the series permeated the global culture, broke records, and received critical acclaim worldwide.

“Foxtel is proud to be the exclusive home of Game of Thrones throughout its eight season run and continues to make every episode available on-air and its On Demand streaming service.”

Readers chose the George R.R. Martin saga well ahead of the competition, more than double the second-place getter, Ted Danson comedy The Good Place.

Scripted titles secured all the top places with The Crown, Downton Abbey, Stranger Things, The Handmaid’s Tale and Killing Eve all drawing big results.

Here are the Top 20 results, along with the scores accumulated through around 300 voters. It’s hard to argue with most on this formidable list.

  1. Game of Thrones 322
  2. The Good Place 120
  3. The Crown 99
  4. Downton Abbey 90
  5. Stranger Things 69
  6. The Handmaid’s Tale  / Killing Eve 63
  7. Veep 61
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 53
  9. Fargo 47
  10. Fleabag 40
  11. Orange is the New Black 39
  12. Big Little Lies 38
  13. The Americans / How to Get Away with Murder 37
  14. Line of Duty 36
  15. Mr. Robot / The Walking Dead 33
  16. Schitt’s Creek / The Good Fight 30
  17. Orphan Black 30
  18. Succession 29
  19. House of Cards 28
  20. Homeland 27

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  1. I forgot to place a vote.
    May be a controversial opinion especially given how new the show is, but I absolutely fell in love with The Morning Show (AppleTV). One of the biggest highlights for me in recent memory, very rarely does a show consume me so much that I’m glued to the tv and don’t touch another device. It’s a good show when it has that effect on me.

  2. How is The Good Place the 2nd best show of the last decade? It’s easily one of the worst shows, especially with the insufferable Kristen Bell and Jameela Jamil. Homeland should have been higher, and surprised that Scandal and Chernobyl didn’t rate a mention.

  3. house of cards? there has never been a show that better suited it’s name… A huge scandal often brings the show crashing down like a deck of cards.

  4. carolemorrissey

    Game of thrones. Another show I must be the only person whose never watched it & not interested in watching. No Blacklist, Chicago Fire/Med/PD, Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, Scandal. I like the Good Place but no way is it the second best show of the decade. I would put The Americans, How to get away with murder & Homeland a lot higher.

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