I’m A Celebrity cast unveiled

There was a rockphone, bungee jumping, rats, farting and a fake elimination.

10’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here premiere last  night revealed most of its celebrity cast.

The rumour-mill managed to guess many of the participants from the world of television, comedy and social media.

4 were confirmed in advance of the premiere: Miguel Maestre, Charlotte Crosby, Myf Warhurst and Tom Williams.

Others included music theatre star Rhonda Burchmore, comedians Nikki Osborne & Dilruk Jayasinha, YouTuber Tanya Hennessy and reality TV faces Erin Barnett & Ryan Gallagher.

While the show again included several lesser known faces, previous seasons have proven they can sometimes provide the most drama… by contrast top talent such as Tom Arnold proved to be a snoozefest.

Crosby provided opening night nerves by declining to bungee jump from a helicopter and uttering that “get me out of here” line for the first time this season. She had to walk to camp alone while others faced off against the usual squeamish reptiles and arachnids.

Hosts Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown were back to their trademark repartee in the family-friendly series.

The 10 show may have been just what the doctored ordered given the bad news that has overwhelmed the nation of late… it even managed to push bushfires off Twitter’s #1 trending spot.

10 will also be matching dollar for dollar all the proceeds raised in support of the celebrities chosen charities to the state based fire services and other charities supporting those affected by the bushfires.

10 hasn’t indicated how long the show will run but it is expected to wrap in early February ahead of Australian Survivor and Dancing with the Stars both of which were heavily promoted last night. It isn’t clear if it wraps before the return of official ratings on February 9.

Indeed, Warhurst is required on the Gold Coast by February 8 for Eurovision: Australia Decides …and presumably earlier for rehearsals.

Tonight ex-AFL players Billy Brownless and Dale “Daisy” Thomas are widely expected to arrive, while the identity of the “Artist” remains under wraps.


  1. Bill will be great. he will be fun, positive and provide some laughs. But not sure why you would bring in another afl player. I mean surely you could get a former player from another code.

    I knew the main faces but had no idea who the 3 reality stars were because I don’t watch Geordie Shore, MAFS or Love Island.

    I’m glad to see Myf and Tom and even Rhonda in there.

  2. Okay at first I thought this was a pretty low profile bunch. Well, which it is. But one person’s nobody is another person’s somebody. As a Love Island tragic i thought it was cool seeing Erin walk in. I recognised Myf straight away from Triple J days and was excited for Billy to come in as an AFL follower. That’s a decent cross section of “celeb” just in those 3.

  3. i feel like i’ve entered a timewarp watching this show, its the same sets, same uniforms, pretty much the same tasks as previous years, and a bunch of fairly boring contestants. If it weren’t for Rhonda & Myf i wouldn’t bother at all & don’t know if i can handle Miguel’s accent for much longer anyway. Ridiculous amount of ad breaks doesn’t help either, at least i can timeshift with the pvr.

  4. Channel 10 will never win. There are always keyboard warriors on the internet that complain about the celebrities they get on this show.
    I think they have done pretty well this year. Sure there are a couple that I needed to google, but what’s wrong with that? It’s a good mix.

    Cate, Russell, Nicole & Hugh are never going to have time for this show…. give the producers a break.

    Hopefully this season is great!!

    • carolemorrissey

      I’ve never known every single contestant & don’t expect to. Don’t follow sport so usually don’t know the sports stars. Except Warnie. I know a few of them & am happy with the ones I know. You get to know the ones you’re not familiar with & often end up liking them.

      • She absolutely is. I met her two years ago when she was hosting a talk at the Sydney Opera House with Kevin Cummings (photographer of Joy Division / New Order among others). I was a gushing fanboy and thanked her for being the perfect host for the event and for being a massive part of my JJJ years. She was so lovely.

  5. Absolutely loved the show last night…think that this will be a great series and I it will be getting some good ratings for 10. I currently can’t put a finger on who will win right now because there are so many awesome personalities!

  6. “Family Friendly!???” Teaching your youngsters that a girl saying ‘I don’t want to, I don’t want to’ a hundred times it’s still OK to drag her along and make her do it? (Yes I know its the sentence I’m a Celeb, get me outta here that ends the torment – but that’s only after she was persuaded to get on the chopper in the first place) . Second remark: It’s OK to invade people’s privacy by browsing their phone history?!! Common 10 – set some basic rules.

  7. Good show. I only didn’t know Ryan cos I don’t watch mafs. I’ve heard of Nikki and charlottes names before but not what they have been in. The rest I know who they are. No big names though but time will tell.

  8. It was just what The Doctor ordered! The relief, after months of smoke and tension… I really enjoyed it. The cast seem really good people, and provided lots of genuine laughs.

  9. I’ve enjoyed past seasons of this show, however, this season just doesn’t seem as good? Maybe it’s because I have no interest in the celebrities on the show…

  10. I really can’t understand why 10 didn’t start the show at 7pm last night to give it the best chance of picking-up viewers who were looking for something to watch when the news on 7 & 9 finished. If The Project was on fair enough but why hold it off until 7.30 to continue to play a Graham Norton best of?

  11. What an interesting assortment of stars. Charlotte probably won’t last long as backing out from bungee jumping isn’t a good start. I’ve been a Myf fan since her days on Spicks & Specks and presenting Triple J lunch. Who is going to co-host The Loop and Daily Edition while Tanya and Tom are in the jungle?

  12. I watched just to see who was going on. It was a marathon though…it started at 7.30 and didn’t finish until 9.40! Here’s hoping it does well like last year when it beat sport on the other channels on a few nights. Good on 10 for matching the donations for bushfires.

  13. I was thinking too many wanna be comedians at first but I was actually giggling through most of it. Love Myf and Tom especially (getting caught doing the big fart was really funny). Always enjoy Dr Chris and Julia’s banter. I think the celebrities will be good value if I can just get over those pumped up lips and faces without a wrinkle .So happy it is back though !

  14. Maev....Sydney

    I like quite a few of those people…but I cannot watch a show like that…look at that 2nd pic…people with hands tied above their heads….good grief…?

  15. Appears to be the first show that openly admits overnight figures don’t one squat. So many social media types have been cast that mean nothing to the regular viewer but are beloved by their own blog/instagram followers. Fans will watch online, come to the show via the influencers platforms. Legit way to grab ratings but they all seem the same. Oh well. Maybe the whole show could shift to online?

  16. I stopped watching after the second 5 was revealed as with the exception of Birchmore I didn’t know or care for any of them, not that I was going to be a regular viewer

    • My gawd! Miguel is so annoying! I wonder how many times he will show his biceps and remind everyone he is a friend of “Gringos”. He is ‘C’ grade at best. Charlotte Crosby didn’t even know who he was! Although she is ‘C’ grade herself.
      Love Tom, Myf and Rhonda…but the rest?
      A good start for TEN and hopefully Miguel and Charlotte are first to go!

      • Isn’t he though? I can barely understand a word he says, and was censored somewhere on line for saying this, but I note TEN agrees with me as they subtitled him in their promos. So they can’t understand him either. Why is he on television??

        • That’s exactly what i thought the first few times i witnessed him on The Living Room.

          I had forgotten it was on, but saw a bit tonight (Monday), with so many annoying contestants, whoever lasts the longest will have deserved the win and some. I don’t know more than half of them, there’s no real draw cards for me, i’ll be sitting this one out.

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