Karl & Ally on Today from Saturday

Updated: 2020 Today hosts are at the desk early amid national crisis.

Nine has advised Karl Stefanovic & Allison Langdon will begin on Today from tomorrow, 7am Saturday January 4.

The early announcement comes as the bushfire crisis faces more catastrophic conditions.

“They will lead the continuation of Nine’s extensive coverage of the catastrophic bushfires around the country,” Nine advised.

Meanwhile Weekend Sunrise will come on air at the earlier time of 6am to cover the bushfire crisis. Matt Doran will host coverage from the bushfire zone, with Monique Wright and Basil Zempilas co-hosting from the studio.

And for the record over on ABC, Johanna Nicholson and Josh Szeps bring you the latest on the bushfire crisis with live reports from Hamish Macdonald on the South Coast and Mary Gearin in Victoria, from 7am.

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  1. I don’t know what is going on…but I am watching more Today….I go past and something of interest grabs me…I just watched Julie Bishop interview….
    I have never before watched Today..so I did not have an opinion on Karl…but now…I am liking this team….Over the weekend…it felt a little strained…but today it feels a lot more cohesive…

  2. I watched for a little bit but i preferred Basil and Monique to be honest. I just can’t stand Karl. I try but there is something about him and his personality. Mostly though throughout the day been watching ABC overall. They seem to have the best coverage of whats been so devastating 🙁 Its hard to watch.

    1. I like Basil and Monique….but Basil is just basically doing Summer and will be pulling back after this….as noted by Mr. Knox in a post August 18th last year…..a shame for us…but understand his reasons…Most of the time I have ABC News on 2nd screen…but lately felt the need for a little light hearted banter also…

  3. I am surprised Sunrise didn’t rush Sam and Kochie in today after hearing they were coming back early. After the dismal presenters Today have had on over the holidays it makes Karl a whole lot more refreshing to me. I hope it works for them. Bring Sunrise back down a peg or two.

  4. Watched first few minutes and I switched off! Absolutely no chemistry between Karl and Allison. Sure this was first show, covering an emergency, but they had been due to start Monday. Show looked like a train wreck with other presenters looking like amateurs.
    ABC24 has provided excellent coverage of fires with immediate provision of information. Joe O’Brien in the mornings has been excellent and is probably Australia’s best news reader.
    7 has also done a great job but 9 and 10 are failing miserably

    1. really?? to be honest…. it was a great first show…. no chemisty? yeah right! they are great together and the team as a whole works. and to be fair.. all channels provide excellent coverage.
      train wreck?? not even close to that…..

      It will be interesting how the new today show go in the next few months…

  5. And Sunrise comes in an hour earlier…to try to grab the viewers…
    Having said that…I watched 7 last Saturday as I really liked the team…I turned over fro ABC, which is normally where my news comes from….

  6. I get why 9 are doing it, giving viewers an early look at them & how they work together, but another part of me thinks it’s a bit wrong to use this disaster to gain early rating points.

    Anyway hope Karl has set his alarm. May be a shock tot he system having to get up early after a year off.

  7. Aside from the seriousness of the situation occurring in New South Wales and Victoria I understand why 9 are bringing forward Karl and Allison’s appearance together on Today. It gives viewers an opportunity to see how well Karl and Allison gel. The battle for supremacy between Today and Sunrise is about to commence. As the saying goes, “There off and racing.”

      1. Thank you. In my haste to comment on this story I forgot the first rule, check spelling before hitting submit. Generally anything mentioned on this site regarding the Today Show or Karl generates numerous comments. For a change I wished to be first in line ?

        1. “Generally anything mentioned on this site regarding the Today Show or Karl generates numerous comments. For a change I wished to be first in line”

          Should probably get yourself down to Star Casino at 2am then… 😉

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