Kay McGrath: “It’s been a wonderful ride”

A tearful Kay McGrath farewelled Seven News Brisbane viewers last night, wrapping 40 years with the network.

“I would particularly like to thank you,” she told viewers. “You’ve invited me into your lounge rooms over the last 40 years. We’ve grown older together, and I wouldn’t be here tonight without your loyalty and support and of course the odd bit of advice.

McGrath thanked her colleagues, Seven and family, saying “it’s been a wonderful ride.”

“Tonight it’s not goodbye, but rather see you later and on that note, thanks for your company.”

She will be replaced by Katrina Blowers, 43, a senior reporter and presenter who has been with the network for eight years.


  1. Kay has not been with Seven for her entire 40 year career as the article suggests. I recall her reading news on Ten (then TV0) in the mid 1980’s.

  2. Kay is awesome. I grew up watching and loving her. She helped build 7 News into the powerhouse it was. She was unbeatable at 6. And then along came Sharyn Gidella. I’m not hating on her. I’m hating on the idiot who decided to demote Kay and Rod (again who were #1 by a mile) to Fri and Sat and give Sharyn and Bill Sunday to Thursday. Now 7 rarely wins against QTQ9 News.
    I hope Kay jumps ship to 10 and 10 News First breaks rank with the rest of the network and moves it’s news to 6. Queensland would follow her I believe.

    • You’re forgetting the part where this was her decision to quit. She does not want to present the news anymore. Not on Seven, not on Ten or any other channel. She wants to focus on other things in her life for once, is that not too much to ask for?

  3. Queensland TV news wont be the same without Kay, like the ABC’s indefatigable Jenny Woodward she was recognizable to generations of viewers in Qld and will be missed, but I’m sure she will be making occasional media reappearances in the future.

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