Kayo adds World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment has landed on Kayo screens, with Smackdown, Raw and NXT.

WWE fans can cheer for their favourite ‘Superstars’ across three jam-packed afternoons. Starting with Smackdown on Mondays, featuring the current Universal Champion ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley, and ‘The Big Dog’ Roman Reigns.

Attention then turns to Wednesday’s Raw episode, where fans can see WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in action, along with Becky Lynch, the Raw Women’s Champion and WWE veteran, Randy Orton.

Closing out the week is NXT on Friday, featuring NXT Champion Adam Cole, Aussie NXT Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, and former UFC fighter turned WWE Superstar, Matt Riddle.

First run episodes across Monday to Friday will be available via the FOX Sports channel on Kayo and then On Demand for the next 14 days on Kayo.

Weekly broadcast times are subject to change.



  1. Kayo may be picking up customers but Streamotion, a subsidiary of Foxtel that includes Kayo reported a $48 million loss before taxes in its first year (November) since launching Kayo.
    Foxtel will have to continue reassessing its options with the burgeoning streaming market in Australia and its increasingly retro satellite / 4K set top box business, Foxtel will not want to right off that huge investment without a fight.
    Kayo is still in its early stages becoming a Smart TV feature, its 400,000 plus subscribers will eventually plateau with Australia’s small audience, and pricing will rise, so interesting times ahead for sports fans in particular.

    • Is there a source for that ‘$48 million loss before taxes’ claim? A headline figure like that doesn’t mean much without the detail.

      Oh, and its ‘write-off’, not ‘right off’. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  2. That is great news for the WWE.!
    Raw and Smackdown is Live only on FOX8 and the Fox Sports Channel screens it a few days later delayed. That’s why Kayo is delayed a few days.
    What I didn’t know is, David why is NXT shown on Kayo and not on Foxtel’s FOX8.?? Cheers..

  3. Kayo is getting so good. I currently have a free 3 month kayo subscription from Telstra and using it for most of my sports viewing. Foxtel contract expires in a month and can’t see myself continuing with Foxtel and will replace it with Kayo. Will then be paying Foxtel $25 instead of current $74. I imagine many others have already done this and many more will in the future.

  4. David, those are US times

    RAW is on Tuesday (Monday US)
    NXT is on Thursday (Wednesday US)
    Smackdown is on Saturday (Friday US)

    Unless they air on FOX8 first then on Fox Sports later

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