Masterchef judges in contract snag on Plate of Origin

Exclusive: Matt & Gary erased from new Seven cooking show... at least for now.

EXCLUSIVE: Seven has hit a snag, temporarily at least, with its upcoming cooking show Plate of Origin.

For contractual reasons, Seven is now unable to publicly associate Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan with the new show.

An audition callout features Manu Feildel with no sign of the former MasterChef stars.

“Join Manu and two of the world’s biggest food superstars on their new international cooking show!,” it teases.


This comes despite all three featuring on stage at Seven’s Upfronts in October (at which TV Tonight specifically asked if everything was signed and whether there would be any contractual issue with 10).

But their absence will be temporary. Both are still set to appear on the show which sees competing cuisines from teams of two and is expected to begin filming in March.

“We’re looking for food from all around the world: Asia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Europe, North and Latin America. Find a teammate, tells us which cuisine you’d like to represent and apply today,” the casting note teases.

Applications close Monday February 3rd.

You can apply here.

10 has been contacted for comment.

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  1. 7 don’t need another food show. This sounds like a spoiler strategy. If they can kill MasterChef (which is in ICU), they will position MKR alone at the top and own prime time Food TV. IMHO.

  2. Reeks of Ten running scared. They know they’ve made a bad decision by ditching the old guard. Some of the publicity the new Masterchef judges have been involved with confirms Ten will have a hard time getting the audience to warm to the new team and has likely extinguished one of the few programming highlights they have going for them.

  3. Very petty on 10s behalf…they are never going to be there again…just flexing 10s flimsy muscles….sorry 10…No Impressed at all….Very poor sportsmanship…sore losers.

  4. I think that Seven believes that we, for some strange reason, watch MasterChef due to the judges. Nooo, we watch the contestants, what they can/can’t do, and for their lack of bitchiness.

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