Renewed: New Amsterdam

US medical drama New Amsterdam has been renewed for a mammoth three seasons.

US medical drama New Amsterdam has been renewed for a mammoth three seasons.

The renewal will bring the show to five seasons total, with the second season currently airing in the US, averaging 9.8 million viewers in Live+7 ratings.

The series stars Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Freema Agyeman, Jocko Sims, with Tyler Labine and Anupam Kher.

The renewal marks a massive vote of confidence in the series on the broadcaster’s part. The network previously gave a three-season pickup to its hit drama This Is Us, which also airs as the lead in to New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam has screened in Australia on Nine.

Source: Variety

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  1. It’s disappointing Nine has left this to age out, not even bringing it back over summer during non-ratings despite it having returned in the US in September. It’s a shame that if the show can’t bring the numbers for the main channel that they don’t fast track it on a digital channel or at least on 9NOW.

  2. Agree with previous comments – have been waiting for over a year for Chicago Med, why would 9 treat fans of the equally enjoyable New Amsterdam with any less contempt? The real shame is that I’ve searched high and low & aside from downloading illegally, there’s no other way to see Chicago Med. Eventually Foxtel should catch up, but I’m assuming 9 won’t let Foxtel show new seasons until they have.

  3. I love this show. So glad its been given 3 more seasons. Just annoying our tv networks are holding us to ransom again. I mean Chicago Med is another we’re so far behind on and Seven seem to be doing the same with Greys, HTGAWM just to name two and no network or streaming site here has Station 19 yet. Like they wonder why we’ve lost confidence in them all.

  4. Pity we won’t see any of these episodes for years as Channel 9 has the rights! The article says it all – second series airing in US now Why can’t 9 show any US show at same time as US?
    Nine treats fans of US shows appallingly. Look at way they treated final series of Big Bang
    We are now 3 seasons behind with Chicago Med and still waiting!!
    Even their Australian shows are getting shafted – where’s Doctor Doctor? Heavily promoted all 2019 and never shown!!!!
    Nine is a joke of a channel

  5. This is the best news. Any word on when it’s coming back? After Whiskey Cavalier & Grand Hotel getting axed after 1 season it’s a nice change to have shows renewed. Especially annoyed at Whiskey Cavalier considering that ending.

    1. It’s not a confidence thing, the shows don’t rate anymore. Probably due to the poor treatment shows have had where they have been pulled from the schedule without notice and then held back for some reason and their availability through other platforms, vpns etc etc. The networks have treated their viewers with contempt for a long period of time now. I used to be a fairly loyal nine viewer but only watch Origin and the Grand Final now and maybe a bit of “news” if something major is happening.

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