Returning: Australian Survivor

Reality juggernauts go head to head in February.

Australian Survivor: All Stars will launch head to head against Married at First Sight on Monday February 3rd -a week before the return of official ratings.

There are 24 returning players from 4 seasons on 10 (a previous Nine season and Celebrity Survivor on Seven are being ignored). 14 have been formally announced, including two winners. On offer is another $500,000.

TV Tonight readers today voted the show hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia as their favourite Aussie reality series of 2019.

Out of the 24 players returning, only Shane Gould and Jericho Malabonga have previously tasted victory. While they may be looking for a return to glory, the remaining 22 contestants are baying for blood and redemption.

But according to 2018 Australian Survivor winner Shane, defeating her competitors for a second time will be monkey play.

Shane said: “I’ve studied chimpanzee politics, politics in the jungle and I think I can see quite a lot about how chimpanzees relate. It’s like some people in my tribe. I’m ready for monkey business.”

In order to be head of the tribe, Shane will have to beat out Mat Rogers and Lydia Lassila from her previous season, David and Harry from Season 4, Jericho, Locky, Henry, Tarzan and AK from Season 2 and Phoebe, Brooke, Flick and Nick from Season 1.

With more players to be announced, Shane may just find herself in a state of gorilla warfare in order to make it to the top.

7:30pm Monday February 3 on 10.

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  1. As good as this will be… Survivor US: Winners At War will be epic TV and record breaking. Guaranteed two time winner (unless Sandra wins for a 3rd time) and sometime will own the crown of a +$3million total prize money

  2. Looks like 10 won’t have those awkward periods like last year where they had 1-2 weeks break between the start and finish of their 7.30 reality shows. It’s also wise not to give MAFS a free run…just waiting on MKR now

  3. This is wonderful news! It’s time for Channel 10 to stand up and win the 2020 ratings year! They have many wonderful programs and it’s time more people watched Channel Ten!

  4. Bring it on! Ten’s ratings will lift from the same time last year. Who will they steal it off? I suspect MAFS will still dominate but come off a little bit. MKR looks most vulnerable to me, especially in the demos

  5. Looking forward to this. I agree with ignoring the 9 and 7 seasons. The Ten ones are the only ones that have lived up to the original. Surely Shane and Jericho will be first out.

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