Returning: Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

Season 4 of Hughesy, We Have a Problem moves into Mondays on 10 from late January.

That’s a good slot for the Dave Hughes panel show, which has moved around the schedule a bit in the past, but now takes up the HYBPA? space.

Each week, members of the audience, the panel, special celebrity guests and even Hughesy himself share the qualms and questions that plague us all.

Helping Hughesy find the answers is a top-notch couch-filled with Australia’s funniest comedians including Amanda Keller, Tommy Little, Tanya Hennessy, Denise Scott, Nazeem Hussain and Ross Noble.

Monday 20 January at 9.00pm on 10.


  1. Really David? You make it sound like Dave Hughes drivel landing on the HYBPA space is a good thing. I’d rather listen to Tom Gliesner having an epileptic fit before putting up with any of the neanderthal ‘humour’ being sprouted by some unfunny bogan from Warrnambool.

      • Yeah absolutely, and you’d think much of the HYPBA audience would enjoy HWHAP too. I also like that they’ve bought Hughesy’s start earlier so it can have a longer run before HYBPA

    • The “unfunny bogan from Warrnambool” you speak of must be doing something right. If being an unfunny bogan can make you that rich, then I wish I was one too.

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