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David Speers debuts on ABC's Insiders from early February.

Former SKY News presenter David Speers debuts on ABC’s Insiders from early February.

In its 20th year, Insiders is back with new host David Speers taking the helm of Australia’s most watched morning show. A Walkley award winner, Speers is one of the most respected political journalists in the country and joins Insiders following a 19-year career at Sky News where he was the network’s political editor in Canberra.

Every Sunday morning, David will be joined by the press gallery’s most experienced reporters and analysts to unpack the week in politics, with a number of new faces joining as regular panelists in 2020.

Mike Bowers returns to Insiders with another season of Talking Pictures, and as always, will be looking for the funny and absurd moments in politics to lighten up your Sunday morning.

9:00am Sunday 2 February on ABC.

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  1. If David Speers can burst the “Canberra Bubble”, dive into “on-water-matters”, douse the “on-fire-matters”, ignore “that’s up to the states”, cut through the “gossip and innuendo” and lift the flag covering “National Security” without running out or of time or having to say “we invited xyz for an interview but he declined” then I’ll start looking for rocket-propelled pigs.

  2. I stopped watching Insiders during the Barrie Cassidy era because it became far too left wing and chummy, the cartoonist segment being a case in point. If David Speers can shift it to the Right and make it more relevant to mainstream Australians I might start watching it again.

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