Returning: Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU returns for a mammoth 21st season on 10.

“I’m Going to Make You a Star” features Ian McShane and screened in the US in September.

Law and Order: SVU is back, and bigger and better than ever.

In this blockbuster season premiere, the Special Victims Unit investigate an attempted rape accusation made by an inspiring, young actress against a powerful media mogul.

The investigation becomes intense and Benson soon finds herself in the middle of a cat-and-mouse game between herself and Moore.

Meanwhile, several changes happen to the Special Victims Unit precinct as Carisi becomes the precinct’s new assistant district attorney, and Benson is promoted.

9.00pm Thursday, 23 January on 10.


  1. SVU is rare example of what’s keeping FTA television above water. Quality scriptwriting, quality acting, quality direction, and quality production are the hallmarks of SVU but are sadly lacking in so many other FTA productions. Hooray for SVU and it’s quality content…. and long may it last.

  2. Where has the time gone? At 21 seasons, it means it that SVU, has now out run it’s predesessor Law & Order and Gunsmoke, to be the longest running live action show, as far number of seasons at least.

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