Tears, bromance & pasta as emotions run high in the jungle

There were tears all round last night when Tom Williams was eliminated from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Campmates could barely contain their emotions when the former Seven host was sent packing from the show, but Williams left his last goodbye for Miguel Maestre.

He thanked the chef with a piece of “elephant” pasta he had been given by the Living Room star earlier, to help him get through a dreaded snake challenge. Soon the two were in tears, hugging it out. Seriously, no other show can broadcast two grown men genuinely losing it over a piece of pasta…

For viewers these can be baffling scenes… after all, nobody has died, and many of these folk barely knew each other before, right? Yet here we are sobbing like Molly has carked it on A Country Practice.

But that’s the intensity of a reality television show in isolation. Emotions run high in the jungle when 24 / 7 friendships are all you have to rely on. It was a spontaneous moment that will probably help cement Maestre into the series final on Sunday February 2.

Williams was also reduced to tears in his post-elimination chat with Chris & Julia, over his time in the jungle, his family, and his new bromance with the chef.


  1. A bit disappointing that both Tom & Billy have gone.I thought they could have outlasted a couple of reality stars. If Myf goes next then that would be wrong.

  2. Although I’m enjoying this show, think there has been far too much air time on Charlotte, which doesn’t give one much of a chance to ‘get to know the lesser lights’ before they are eliminated.

    • The others need to do something then to get screen time. Billy said Tom would just sit in the background most of the day while others hammed it up. No one wants to watch someone sit and look on.

  3. So Tom might now take on a role in the new ‘Living Room’ when it resumes? Am sure he would be a great fit as he got his start as a carpenter all those years ago on Seven

  4. Also, when did they get a piece of elephant pasta?
    The only time they had pasta that was shown was the night that Erin left a couple of nights ago when she did that spelling challenge
    So did Miguel bring this piece in??
    And everyone was crying, it’s not like Tom did very much especially in the first week or so we barely saw him. Yes I know they live there 24/7 so it’s obvious going to be emotional but that emotional??
    So strange

    • That’s the issue with shows like this as an example, let’s say we were on the show and if we had a chat about let’s say our families or have a full blown argument, which do you think would be shown ?

  5. I had tears running down my cheeks watching Tom’s exit last night. It was such an honest heartfelt moment between Tom and Miguel and beautiful to see. I continued sobbing seeing a clearly emotional Tom during his exit interview too. It’s so rare to see a male show his emotions on TV and I for one think it should be encouraged. It should be considered OK and normal. Beautiful television!

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