TV Tonight to resume normal programming

Here we go…

TV Tonight ends summer hiatus tomorrow and resumes normal site publishing speed. That means more stories dropping across the day.

There have been over 500 posts across summer, including a 13th birthday. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Tomorrow kicks off the 10th annual Programmer’s Wrap, the only place in Australia where all 5 networks and Foxtel talk through their upcoming slate.

This will include their highlights, tidbits, scheduling info and news about returning shows and even some still to be determined. Every one is a must read if TV is truly your thang….

The official start of ratings is Sunday February 9, with daily ratings wraps to resuming thereafter.


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  1. Welcome back David..!! Didn’t know & seem you were on hiatus. You just always keep providing plenty news topics and ratings information. That’s why and I’m being real honest, you & this Website of yours is the Absolute Best!! Nobody gets even close to your standard for Entertainment News and TV Ratings blog. Just too too good. Thank you so much for Everything and Welcome Back..!! 2020 here we come….

  2. An official welcome back! I hope you managed to have some rest! It did seems as if a lot of posts were still happening! All the best for another great year!

  3. I thought you came back weeks ago. Even when you’re on hiatus you put out more quality content than all those commercial sites that rely on churnalism.

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