US announces The Masked Dancer

Move over The Masked Singer, FOX has announced The Masked Dancer will screen in the US.

FOX is joining with Ellen DeGeneres to produce a celebrity competition show based on The Masked Singer and a segment that DeGeneres originated on her talk show (see clip below).

Contestants will perform unique dances while covered from head to toe in elaborate costumes and face masks, leaving audiences to guess their identities.

“This is gonna be just as fun and suspenseful as The Masked Singer, with a lot more krumping,” DeGeneres said in a statement, “and I cannot wait!”

“Look, first of all, with the clues you can get a lot out of how people move and you can get a lot out of the size of people and those things,” Rob Wade, Fox Entertainment’s president of alternative entertainment, told TheWrap. “The big difference is you’re not going to hear a voice, but often the voice is not that helpful anyway. So what we’ve decided to do is look at ways we can add more clues. We’ve talked about the modulation of the voice and the way that you’ll probably hear a little bit more of the true tone of people’s voices as they give the clues and there will be more conversation between the judges and the dancer. But the other thing we’ve talked about is adding ways to make the performances more interesting. So it won’t just be solo dances, there will be partner dances and group dances.”

No word as yet whether 10 or any other local network will pick up The Masked Dancer (probably), but this could get very confusing.

The show will begin in the US on February 5.

Source: AP News


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