War of the Worlds nears renewal

Modern day re-telling coming to SBS is poised for a second season.

French / UK production War of the Worlds is close to being renewed for a second season, before its UK, US (and Australian) premiere.

The series -not to be confused with a panned BBC period production- is a modern-day retelling of the HG Wells’ classic sci-fi.

Starring Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern, the eight-part first season aired in France last year. SBS has the rights for Australia.

Deadline reports that preparation is already well underway for Season 2, which is set to go into production in the UK this year. Producer Urban Myth Films has also set up a company, named WOTW2, to house the production.

When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. The world’s population waits for further contact with bated breath. They do not have to wait long. Within days, mankind is all but wiped out by a devastating attack; pockets of humanity are left in an eerily deserted world. As aliens hunt and kill those left alive, the survivors ask a burning question – who are these attackers and why are they hell-bent on our destruction? Starring Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern, and based on the book by H.G Wells.

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  1. I’m not convinced of the need to use the HG Wells novel title for material that has little to do with it-there have been many ‘alien invasion’ scenario films and TV series over the years and ‘War Of The Worlds’ is a plot that makes little sense and indeed didn’t even at the time it was published (folks knew about germs even then). Give it an original name for a new plot!

  2. I’ve not been able to catch the final episode of the BBC version but I agree it didn’t hit the anticipation it promised. I’ll patiently wait for this version on SBS though. Interesting they’ve shown nothing of the actual tripods in that trailer so I’m very curious to see what they’ve come up with.

  3. The SBS do like to vary the program release dates for some of their new shows, The New Pope for example is being released three days after it’s U.S.airing , I’m sure this production of War of the Worlds will have attracted a lot of curiosity after the less than satisfactory and creatively dull BBC version which only needed a guest appearance by Dr.Who to fit almost seamlessly into that series.

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