A peek at the Big Brother house…?

Fan website Behind Big Brother has posted a collection of photos it suggests are the new Big Brother house under construction for Seven.

They indicate a large building at North Head, Manly, with a wooden veneer, some hanging garden elements and crew areas which could serve as ‘camera runs.’

Seven’s Angus Ross previously told TV Tonight, “The scale of the Big Brother house that is being built will blow people away. It is a huge, exciting build on North Head in Sydney. It’s like the house at the edge of the world.

“It’ll start filming very shortly and it will be coming pre-Olympics.”

Sonia Kruger was announced as host last week.

You can check out more photos here.


  1. Not being live shows 7 doesn’t understand the DNA of the show. Why it worked. Why it is what it is. What the point of the show is. Why people watch. I would have loved to jump back in regardless of the network but not being live turns it into every other reality show.

  2. Gretel Killeen was the only thing that was going to make a tried and dated reality series pop on a new network.
    Nostalgia binge with a twist. People want Big Brother to come back, they want to return to its hey day on Network Ten. Gretel, up late and Uncut!
    MKR The Rivals wont be the biggest flop on Seven this year.

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