ABC, SBS beat My Kitchen Rules.

Married at First Sight, My Kitchen Rules all dipped in the ratings last night.

Married at First Sight won its slot at 1.07m viewers and topped the demos, nearly double Australian Survivor on 562,000.

For MKR it was humiliating, landing 5th in its slot behind both ABC and SBS at just 402,000.

That trailed Griff’s Great Australian Rail Trip / 7:30 on 484,000 / 460,000 respectively, and was just eclipsed by Great Australian Railway Journeys on SBS at 404,000.

It was also a record low for an MKR premiere episode across 5 cities.

This comes despite Seven News winning its slot at 984,000 to Nine News‘ 825,000.

The gap was also improved after 9pm when Thomas Markle: My Story (448,000) won over 7News: Hellfire: The Battle of Cobargo (302,000).

Full ratings analysis resumes next week.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 4 February 2020.



  1. Time to pull the plug on MKR. Seven will probably rush the season now to get it done quickly.. As others have said it’s stale and it’s boring, amazing feat to do ten seasons though.

  2. MKR could be replaced by “dogs doing adorable things” from YouTube perhaps. 🙂
    10 must be happy with Survivor – #2 overall.
    Someone at Seven must take the hit for MKR based on the current numbers so far.

  3. thedirtydigger

    I just want to know what genius decided to dump MKR’s best element – the instant home restaurants?
    I’ll bet that decision is an orphan in the cold and dangerous corridors of Seven today .

  4. David do you think 10 are happy with these survivor numbers? i know its only episode 2 and its earlier in the year and facing tougher comp and will most likely grow post merge… its just a shame to see such a quality show like Survivor hover over just half mil!

  5. I watched both of the railway shows on SBS and ABC last night and both are really good. Griff’s Great Australian Road trip in particular is fantastic on the ABC. It’s not just about trains, it’s funny and you go away from it feeling like you’ve learnt something about our fabulous country and it’s people, as opposed to feeling brain dead after watching an episode of MKR,

  6. I’m guessing they would ride it out for another two weeks to see if the numbers increase or stabalise. You wonder if Seven have given orders to ‘edit 2 episodes into 1’ to then only have it on twice a week at a later time slot. Wonder what sort of instant replacement they would have on the table?

    Also, wasn’t this the carry over season where it was going to be aired Oct last year?

    • Only watched 3 episodes of MKR and it’s already obvious there’s a massive difference between fans and favourites in cooking ability. The favourites are all winners or runners up! It’s pointless watching the fans even cook when you know they will be bottom teams. And after 10 episodes only 1 team eliminated! It’s boring, boring, boring!!!!!

  7. Ch 7 Must be really scraping at the bottom of the barrel to get people to watch MKR.
    I had a message on My Facebook feed from Big Brother Today, telling me that I must watch MKR tonight. Very amusing to read some of the comments on his page..

  8. I think Survivor’s going to be able to grow over time, especially after MAFs ends…while this MKR season seems like one of the most boring and is probably going to drag on too long without enough action (unlike Survivor).

    • Agree with your comments! Survivor will end in about 8-9 weeks MAFS will go longer around easter. I think survivor will build like it did last year. MKR is DOA.

    • It is a feature of how the Survivor game works, that the early episodes are more about learning the players etc. The excitement and impact builds over the course of the show. MKR doesn’t seem to have the ability to crescendo.

      That said, last night’s Survivor was one of the best seen in thirty years, and it was only the third show of the season.

  9. battlestargalactica

    Nine did one season of MAFS to average ratings before deciding to revamp it with spectacular success. It was still a fresh format for the audience. Last year the audience said “we’ve had enough of MKR now”. That should have been a sign for 7. A revamp just wasn’t going to cut. The audience has moved on.

  10. Survivor was great last night, better than the first episode,personaly after being undecided and taping both I’ll be watching survivor but would like to know what ratings would be considered ok up against a jugernaughts like MAFS or the Tennis and how well MKR would do without the competition.

  11. Hope Seven have a plan B because MKR is past its used by date. Its stale and honestly i stopped watching 3 seasons ago. Whats worse is the flow on effect to the shows after too. The question is though what can they do? You commit to so much. I honestly don’t expect the show to continue 4-5 days a week whatever the schedule is. Its funny though too. Ever since Seven lost the tennis it has started sinking.

    • You’re right. When 7 had the tennis they would hammer the MKR promos so as annoying as it was it did build up some excitement and let you get to know the contestants.

      • That is a pretty snarky comment given majority of 10’s entertainment shows outrate those on Seven – their weaknesses and contribution to lower nightly shares come from the early evening rating less than half of Seven and Nine – if they were competitive there they’d be in a very strong position.

        • Totally agree. If 10 can improve 6 to 7.30pm they could deliver a sizeable audience to their primetime shows. The problem is replace them with what???

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