ABC unveils new-look set on News Breakfast

Breakfast TV just kicked it up a notch this morning as News Breakfast unveiled a shiny new set on ABC.

“So much space!” said Michael Rowland.

“Best wall ever,” declared weather presenter Nate Byrne.

Lisa Millar added, “It’s home!”

Nice one.


  1. tvwatchermulti

    ABC has money for new sets but is seeking to ask for more handouts – this organisation needs to have a full audit into costs and excessive salaries for presenters and executives that tax payers are funding

  2. I think it’s a nice set but I have for a long time been bothered by the sky colours in the backdrop. Purple skies are usually at sunset and are not as common as blue skies or white and grey overcast skies. Having some blue skies would be happier. Purple skies are also associated with severe weather conditions like pollution and hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons. The denatured sky in the background looks grim.

    • Are you suggesting David’s choice of photo in the TV Lounge section suggests pollution, hurricane/cyclones and typhoons? Granted there are other colours represented like blues and oranges yet I find this image relaxing rather than associated with severe weather conditions. Though David might agree the TV Lounge can get severe at times ?

      • Haha! It’s okay, the TVT colour scheme doesn’t seem associated with skies. Purple is a great colour range. I think a rainbow in the backdrop would be more pleasant if they are going for the atmospheric refraction look. I’m hoping that ABC News Breakfast would consider changing it to a sunny blue sky with some clouds with a rainbow. It would be interesting to know the reason behind the backdrop choice.

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