AFL Grand Final not moving to twilight game

The AFL has confirmed the 2020 Grand Final will remain in a day timeslot.

The AFL commission met yesterday and confirmed a 2.30pm AEST starting time -despite Seven’s ongoing push for a twilight match.

AFL chief executive officer Gillon McLachlan is believed to have recommended to commissioners that tradition be maintained.

AFL commission chairman Richard Goyder said: “The Toyota AFL Grand Final is the biggest event in the Australian sporting calendar, consistently attracting more than 100,000 fans to the MCG for the last Saturday in September.

“Our Grand Final showcases the best parts of our game, both on and off the field, and we look forward to another outstanding AFL season ahead of us.

“We will continue to ensure the event remains the benchmark for Australian sport.”

Source: AFL


  1. I’ve always been for an evening Grand Final. I don’t mind the idea of twilight but i think the sun would still be a factor. It makes viewing much harder during the day. Especially the glare you get on TV. The AFL has to throw these so called tradtions out the window, its time for change and honestly AFL in the evening is a much better spectacle. It makes it for a much better viewing experience. No sun to deal with etc. I understand why they keep it in the afternoon because it allows families and kids to watch at a reasonable time but even a 5-6pm start could be great too. Its not too late a start and is still in a family friendly timeslot.

  2. Glad I’m not an AFL person. Much prefer the GF on Sunday night. A few beers in the arvo watching the preliminary games, bbq then the main game at 7pm, presentations around 9:30 and off to bed about 10:30. Absolutely perfect.

  3. I remember the controversy when the womens final of the Australian open moved to a night match. the outcry lasted one news cycle, then people got over it. The same would happen to the AFL GF.

    Change is difficult, people dont like it. The AFL need to rip that band aid off and do it.

    • I think you nailed it, ‘change is difficult’, that is the issue here. I used to be a traditionalist, but I can now see the benefits. I have friends who work weekends, or have kids activities etc during the day, so many don’t get to see the game as it happens. A later time could provide more people with the opportunity to watch the match live and that has to be a good thing.

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

        Yeah that’s a fair point, I’m looking at it from my angle where as I do TV system installs and marquees around Melbourne like Southbank promenade and some outside the MCG and other areas. So generally an early day set-up with being on-call for the game in case of breakdowns, so enjoy the afternoon aspect of that and being packed up and home by 9pmish on bumpout. So my reasons likely go hand in hand with the others who work it as well, however yeah got use to it for the Aust Open and F1GP though would mean the Spring Racing Carnival would be the only one left for an early finish.

  4. Granted, I live in in Queensland, so the intricacies of AFL scheduling are perhaps lost on me. However, I’m always perplexed when this crops up each year, why does it matter if the game moves to twilight or evening?

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

        Weekend ratings should really start at Midday, in all honesty I’d be for that 7 days a week as it would make it more interesting especially in this lower rating era. As shows like the Chase don’t get counted in either and there have been times it does better than the 7:30pm on shows.

  5. The Broadcasters are the only ones that want a twilight or an evening Grand Final.

    Expect this to part of the next TV rights deal. The Broadcast networks who get the rights to the next contract, will bargain hard for either a twilight or night grand final.

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