Airdate: Spicks & Specks ’90s Special

The first of 3 Spicks & Specks specials for 2020 will screen later this month.

This is a ’90s themed special with guests Tina Arena, Kram, Tom Gleeson and Anne Edmonds. And the beard.

Get ready to relive the music of the 1990s, in the first of the Spicks and Specks specials for 2020. Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by legendary singer songwriter Tina Arena, Spiderbait drummer and singer Kram and comedians Tom Gleeson and Anne Edmonds to head back to the time when the music was grunge, the teens smelled like spirit and the girls were spiced.

Denise Scott, Dave O’Neil and Scott Edgar lend a helping hand during Smells Like 90s Wardrobe, donning some eye-watering outfits. Dave Graney ‘n’ the Coral Snakes perform reimagined 90s hits for Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma while The Final Countdown sees the competition hotting up as it leads to a nail biting finish.

Tina Arena finally finds out what it would be like in a mosh pit before closing the show alongside Kram, performing a 90’s classic.

7:40pm Sunday February 23 on ABC.


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