Australian Survivor auction bid “was edited out”

Two Australian Survivor contestants have taken to social media to comment on a Survivor auction last night, suggesting editing has changed what actually took place.

Last night viewers saw Phoebe bid $500 for an undisclosed item, which was 1/4 of her tribe’s $2000 fund.

When a scroll was revealed it explained she could feast upon every other item offered to contestants.  As the auction progressed an elated Phoebe, joined by AK as her dinner guest, were devouring pizza, burritos, avo & toast, parma, margaritas and beer … others went starving.

The scene put her firmly in the crosshairs of her own tribe.

But on Twitter she commented on the editing, suggesting it was actually Moana who bid $500 first and she simply matched the bid. Another contestant, Shonnee backed her up her claim.

The claims suggest the broadcast version was structured to depict her as the villain of the scene, without the context of Moana’s earlier bid.

Welcome to Reality TV.

Endemol Shine Australia said in a statement, “Australian Survivor is filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 24 contestants talking and strategizing. Due to the nature of the show, not everything makes it to air but it is a true representation of what happens on the island.”


  1. …but at no other point was a “matching” bid accepted. That is just not how auctions work, you have to bid higher. And Phoebe states that there was a $250 bid before that, so nobody just “jumped” up to $500 as the first bid. None of this explanation makes sense, and I don’t consider Shonee an independent and fair adjudicator. She had skin in the game there, too.

  2. Interesting but Phoebe did really rub it in to her teammates!
    Acted like a spoilt brat!
    AK also played it up as well.
    Was wondering why Moana seemed out of sorts
    Good point by Shonee about Lee spending $420. Most of the others bid well over $200

  3. Be readying the story for when she is voted out next I’d say, given they already know when editing these episodes who is going in what order, the tribes anger over the auction, David’s revenge as he felt betrayed at last tribal etc plays into voting her out storyline.

    • A real shame editors once again think their constructed story is better than the reality.

      Phoebe bidding $500 out of nowhere made sense given she’d just been blindsided, but Moana doing so really didn’t, contradicts her under the radar game and potentially has more consequences – so would have made it much more intriguing for the viewers had it been left in.

      • HeyJude – Absolutely!!! Edit out Jonathon asking everyone with a different line of questioning ‘What are you basing your vote on tonight’. He’s a great host but really needs to study Jeff a bit more!

      • carolemorrissey

        Dalton Ross who recaps the US Survivor has attended several tribal councils & has said they can go for over an hour so they are edited quite a bit.

        • Totally agree with this. The tribal council questions just go on and on. I honestly think it should never go past 9pm too im over it at that point just get to the vote!! Also they give too much away. You can really see the difference when you watch the US version. I like the fact that they dont give it all away.

  4. Fair enough, it does explain a couple of things, including the fact that Moana looked so angry at Phoebe…but Phoebe acted like a spoilt child when she was feasting at the table. It’s like she was asking to be voted out. A bit of humility wouldn’t have gone astray.

  5. Yup – that definitely changes the narrative significantly. Disappointed…but still hooked. The only deception I wanna see is from the contestants, not the editing suite.

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